The Great Christmas Exchange 2013!!!

I posted a while back that I would be participating in an online Secret Santa-esque gift exchange called The Great Christmas Exchange hosted by the ever-brilliant Elizabeth of Oak and Oats and Samantha of Elah Tree. Today all of us who participated in the exchange are linking up to talk about what we gave and what we got!

I was commissioned to covertly get to know Allison of A God Fashioned Life. To get to know her, I spent some time on her blog, creeped a bit on her Twitter (I just realized that I never actually followed her for sneakiness reasons–I remedied that two seconds ago, though). As it would turn out, Allison and I have pretty similar tastes when it comes to fashion (namely we loves our scarves, y’all), so I had a lot of fun finding a gift for her. I went to the place my paycheck goes to die Target, and rooted around for prizes. After putting down two scarves and a purse that I almost bought for myself (+10 for budgetary self-control), I found Allison an adorable scarf and a cute gold and pearl necklace. And, because I am unable to do anything these days without peppering in some geeky flavor, I included one of my Darth Vader and Son postcards.


Little did I know, I was being stalked (in the most pleasant of fashions) by the lovely Codi of The Art of Balance Blog. She too was covertly sneaking in the corners of my social media outlets, getting to know me. She used some near superpower skills of deduction and sent me stuff that was RIGHT up my alley: stationary and a scarf. YES. I don’t think I’ve ever really written about it here, but I have an unhealthy love for all things stationary and office supply. I know, it’s weird, but I do. When I was a kid, I stumbled across a sheet of stationary in the street (I know, picking up a random sheet of paper in the street is gross). I had never seen stationary before, and I was mystified that a sheet of paper would actually be encircled by a frame of balloons. This sheet of paper was special. Yes, it needed to be saved for a very special occasion. I kept the paper in my room until I thought of something special enough to write on it. Ever since that bizarre, irrationally magical first encounter with fancy paper, I’ve had an strange and unhealthy love for stationary and office supplies. So, all that to say, I was chuffed to bits when I saw that Codi had sent me chalkboard labels, an adorable notepad and to-do list, and cute page flags in addition to an AMAZING infinity scarf and headband. LOVE. IT.

xmas xchange1

I’m even wearing my scarf today (This is my natural state of being. Drinking Starbucks to combat the heavy fatigue evidenced by my puffy eyes and messy ponytail)!


Thanks so much, Codi. It was a pleasure being stalked by you. And Allison, it was a pleasure to stalk you! If you want to see Codi’s Christmas Exchange tale, go here, and you can go here to read Allison’s!

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