The Game of Thrones Surprise Party!

I have a friend who recently graduated from law school. After the ceremony, my crafty friend Lindsay informed us that she wanted to throw our newly-graduated lawyer buddy a Game of Thrones-themed surprise party, which happened this last weekend. If you follow me on Twitter (@Kendall_Ashley), you heard me talk about it a LOT this weekend.

Lindsay went on a pretty impressive, monomaniacal Pinterest journey to find All the Food and Decorations for the party. It was kind of awesome to watch her go nuts and plan this thing, and after seeing what she did for this party, I’m pretty sure she missed her calling as Party Planner Extraordinaire. As Lindsay hunted for the perfect food and decor for the party, we were all commissioned to figure out which Game of Thrones character we wanted to dress like. However, since we’re all pretty poor and pretty busy, we decided to make our costumes “modern interpretations” on our favorite characters.

It was a great night with a healthy dose of awful-ness brought on by playing Cards Against Humanity. Here are a few pictures of my “costume” and the awesome party that Lindsay created.

Also, if you’ve thrown an awesome themed party, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

I decided to dress like Daenerys Targaryen–minus the long, “silver hair of a Targaryen” and, of course, dragons. Here was my best effort on the Khaleesi double braid with my shoulder-length hair


My “Khaleesi” outfit, and Chaucer, my Dire Wolf, in the background




We decided to name our lawyer-friend the King of the Realm since the party was in his honor. Though we told him he could decide he was any King of the Realm, we all tended to refer to him as Joffrey, because that’s what friends do. Lindsay even made him a fantastic-looking crown.





Lindsay’s dinner menu, which was mostly gluten-free for our lawyer friend’s girlfriend, was filled with fantastically amazing food (which I feel like a cook should get extra props for tasty food when they cook to accommodate dietary restrictions), especially the lemon cakes.
Chaucer didn’t come to the party, but Lindsay’s dog, Guido, was there to represent the Dire Wolves.
He wasn’t thrilled about his costume.
Lindsay put one of these on everyone’s seat. We told her our costumes beforehand so she could make the appropriate name card.
The series guarded, of course, by one of my children
“Dragon egg”, made by love and magic–seriously, I have no idea how she did this.
My favorite part of Lindsay’s decor was the table. All of the dishes were Lannister red, she hung red leaves from the ceiling (which was also covered with draped fabrics, they just aren’t pictured), and she made an iron throne for the guest of honor.

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