Geek and Sundry’s Spooked


I’ve been talking about it for a while now, and yesterday it finally premiered: Spooked, a new 30-minute webshow from Felicia Day’s Geek and Sundry. If you haven’t watched it yet, go watch it (I’ve embedded the video above just because I’m nice), and then come back to read this.

I’m a big fan of Felicia Day and Geek and Sundry shows. I absolutely loved The Guild, and if you haven’t watched their new superhero show Caper, go ahead and add that to your to-watch list right now. It’s a ton of fun.

Anyway, I was incredibly excited when I heard about Spooked, a show about paranormal investigators–Connor the group’s leader (played by Julian Curtis), Morgan the occult specialist (played by Ashley Johnson), Lindsey the tech specialist (played by Neil Grayston), Elliot the general supernatural fanboy (played by Derek Mio), and Piper–a little girl who can talk to ghosts (played by Shyloh Oostwald). New episodes are uploaded every Wednesday, and last week the first episode, “Our First Assignment”, officially premiered!

In the realm of supernatural/paranormal-type shows, it was definitely more Ghostfacers, less Winchesters. The characters aren’t necessarily a bumbling band of investigators, but there are times where it seems as though Morgan is really the only one who knows what is going on. Connor,  Piper’s older brother, is trying to figure out how to process Piper’s newly discovered ability to communicate with ghosts, Lindsey is still highly skeptical of anything paranormal (but wants to be sure he is the one to capture any bonafide supernatural moments on camera), and Elliot? Well, Elliot is just really excited to be included in the supernatural investigations. You can tell the group is newly formed, and that they are still trying to iron out the details of what it means to be paranormal investigators.

The group’s (called the Paranormal Investigation Team, or PIT)  first assignment is investigating a poltergeist haunting newlyweds Donna and Carol-Anne (because OF COURSE that’s her name). The investigation is a bit…clunky. This is PIT’s first real run into professional paranormal investigation, and they are kind of learning as they go. They don’t always leave Donna and Carol-Anne feeling confident in their paranormal investigation skills, but in the end, Piper is able to communicate with the ghost and help put it to rest.

What Geek and Sundry does best is creating fun, engaging characters. The setting of the story, be it superheroes, online gaming, space, or paranormal investigation is almost secondary. Don’t get me wrong, that setting is definitely part of what makes Geek and Sundry shows awesome, but what makes Geek and Sundry shows special are the characters that are not only relatable, but are genuinely fun to get to know throughout the course of the show. It looks like Spooked will definitely be continuing that trend. To help you continue getting to know the characters a bit better, they’ve posted two bonus videos with Morgan and Elliot–Morgan is talking about spirit boards, and Elliot is talking about dating. I’ve got them below for ya!


All in all, this is a really fun show with engaging characters. Fans of paranormal shows will be happy with the paranormal element, and fans of other Geek and Sundry shows will easily fall in love with these characters. I cannot wait to see how the show’s story will develop over this season! The second episode of Spooked will be premiering on Wednesday on Geek and Sundry. Be sure to tune in!

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