President Snow’s Second Address: Unity #OnePanem

Another address from President Snow was released today. Go here if you haven’t yet seen the first. This address has President Snow flanked by Peeta and Johanna Mason this time. Take a look:

The Mockingjay lives!!!

Can we just talk about how perfect these promos are? I LOVE that they are taking the Capitol propos mentioned in the book and using them as marketing for the Mockingjay movies. It is such a creative marketing technique, and has gotten me so much more excited for the movie than a traditional trailer would have (though the official trailer is still rumored to drop at San Diego Comic Con at the end of this month). I’ve been so impressed with how they’ve brought The Hunger Games series to the big screen, and this new series of addresses from President Snow just adds to how awesomely and creatively they are handling this series. For instance, you should definitely check out their photo series called “District Heroes“. You can go to the Capitol’s official website to see this, the addresses from President Snow and other fun Capitol stuff. Mockingjay Part I will hit theaters this November! Get ready, citizens of Panem!

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