For Those Of Us Who Aren’t At San Diego Comic Con

Here we are. The sad group that was unable to attend San Diego Comic Con this year. Some of us didn’t have the time off work, some of us didn’t have the money, some of us didn’t get badges in time. Whatever your reason, we’re here. We are the great, unwashed mass fated to miss out on this year’s greatest event in geekery.

So as we move into this weekend, let’s just remember the benefits we get to experience as we hold down the fort here at home.

1. You’ve got some money!

Remember that you didn’t spend money on tickets to fly/gas up your car on the drive to San Diego, get a hotel, get tickets to SDCC, buy expensive convention center food, and blow your life savings on awesome merch. Sure, you’re not rich, but you certainly do have money in your pocket that most certainly wouldn’t be there if you were at Comic Con. Go buy yourself a burrito, baby.

2. Crowds, man.

Google any picture of San Diego Comic Con, and nearly every picture is of a packed convention center or an ungodly long line. I mean, you could be there, right now, in the middle of that giant, teeming mass of excited–and, let’s be honest, occasionally smelly–humanity. Instead you can sit in your house, stretch out those legs, and easily traverse from place to place without feeling like you need to buy the person standing beside you dinner. Who needs that electric, humming energy of excitement only experienced at a Con? You’ve got leg room, buddy. Spread out and enjoy that.

3. Following hashtags is basically like being there.

Of course, there is a hashtag for Comic Con (#SDCC) that you can follow to be kept up-to-date on all the happenings at the Con by your favorite Twitter accounts. Because I mean, ultimately it’s way cooler to see this:

Rather than actually having the opportunity to visit the Geek and Sundry Lounge, right? Right?

Still, we know that we’ll all still be following the SDCC hashtag all weekend, regardless of how much it hurts. 

4. This is your time to catch up on your reading and your shows.

So this isn’t me today, and that’s too bad:

But, I mean, if I’m honest with myself, it’s probably best. I’m way behind on Arrow, so it would have just been so awkward if I happened to see Stephen Amell, right? So this is a weekend where we can do some fandom homework. Catch up on that show you’re behind on. Go to the comic book store and catch up on your reading. You weren’t really prepared for a weekend reveling in your favorite fandoms…

5. Seriously though, here’s some actual consolation for us:

Yeah, it sucks that we can’t be at SDCC this year, whatever our reasons were for being unable to attend. However, there are actually some things that we can do to feel like we’re a part, however small, of the SDCC action.

  • Blogs like The Nerdy Girlie and Nerdophiles will be updating their blogs and their Twitters with SDCC news and happenings. In fact, The Nerdy Girlie has already posted a roundup of Preview Night, bless her.
  • NerdHQ Conversations for a Cause (basically conversations with actors, writers, etc.) will be livestreamed for at-home viewers. If you go to the Nerd Machine’s facebook, you can even submit your questions to be answered during the conversations.
  • There are contests for us! The Nerd Machine’s facebook is holding daily trivia contests for those who have liked the page. Geek and Sundry had a contest to win their exclusive SDCC/Geek and Sundry Loot Crate box (though that one’s over…so…sorry). The Nerdophiles are having a Twitter contest where you can win a Marvel Avengers micromug by tweeting what you’ll be doing this weekend and using the hashtag #NotAtSDCC. Think Geek is also running a cool contest to win some of their SDCC exclusives.
  • There is some off-site fun for those in the San Diego area. Though this doesn’t do those of us who are far away a lot of good, it’s fun for locals! The NerdHQ Conversations for a Cause is an off-site event, so while you don’t need a SDCC badge, you do need tickets, and I’m fairly certain they are fully sold out. However, there will be a Geek and Sundry Lounge, and you don’t need tickets or a SDCC badge to get in. From gaming to a few panels, it sounds like the Lounge will be a lot of fun. They’ll also have over 200 of their exclusive Loot Crates there, so those attending will have several chances to win one of those babies!

So there you have it. Sure, it sucks that we can’t be at Comic Con, but we’ll all be okay. There are some fun ways we can get involved in the con from the comfort of our homes, and if nothing else we can take the money we’re saving this weekend and put it toward our SDCC ’15 tickets, right?


13 thoughts on “For Those Of Us Who Aren’t At San Diego Comic Con

  1. Great post, fun way to sum up not being at SDCC, Just think of all the money you’ve saved as well. Never been to a big convention, always wanted to go to one of the big events in the US, maybe one day. For now though, I’m more than happy to relax put my feet up, and follow the hashtags 😀

    1. Thanks, Paul! Yeah, I’ve never been to SDCC either, and I definitely want to go! But you’re right, I’ll be saving loads this weekend, and that’s huge.
      I’ll be following the hashtags, too, enjoying the plentiful of room to move around and no lines! 🙂

  2. This is a great post for all of us who aren’t there… I sure do feel better knowing I have a lot of money… lol (not really! but hey, more than I would have had if I had gone! — wow that’s a lot of “hads”!)

    Megan is great right!? I can’t believe she already posted!

    Anyways, thanks for the laugh 🙂

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