3 Foreign Zombie Movies You Need To Add To Your Library

It’s been a busy day for me, guys. I posted my second Women in Geek post with Lindsay Cummings, my first post as a Nerdophiles contributor went live today, and now I’ve got a post on zombie movies up on Outright Geekery. Check it out, guys! Here’s an excerpt:

Outright Geekery on Film - Featured

I am all about zombies. If a book, movie, game, or television show has zombies in it, I will watch it. Honestly, it doesn’t have to even be good. I love “craptastic horror” and I love zombies, so putting the two together just makes me happier. While we’ve got some great zombie movies in the US–I mean, New York native George Romero is kind of the godfather of the zombie flick–there are some amazing zombie creations from other countries that any zombie fan must add to their library.

I’m leaving Shaun of the Dead and both 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later off the list, even though they are from the UK, as those movies have a pretty big following all over the world. However, if you haven’t seen those movies, please drop everything and go watch them right now.

All caught up? Great. Let’s move on…

To see my list of awesome foreign zombie flicks, follow me to Outright Geekery! 

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