We’re Getting Another American IT Crowd



It looks like NBC is taking a stab at making another Americanized version of The IT Crowd.


The last time NBC tried their hand at remaking The IT Crowd for an American audience was in 2007, and it wasn’t great. The pilot was basically a shot-for-shot remake of the UK’s version, with Richard Ayoade reprising his role as Moss and, for some reason, Joel McHale playing Moss’ affable slacker bestie, Roy.

joel mchale

This was prior to McHale’s slick, pretty boy Jeff Winger/tailored suit-wearing host of The Soup days, as you can see from this picture:


I love Joel McHale, but I really wasn’t a fan of his version of Roy. The show was ultimately cancelled before it saw the light of day, but if you’re curious, you can see the American IT Crowd pilot on YouTube.

The 2007 remake got such negative reviews that I’m pretty surprised to hear NBC is giving an American IT Crowd another go. Not only that, but Deadline.com says NBC has given the show a put pilot commitment, which means the pilot has to be aired. So unlike the 2007 pilot, we’ll all be able to see this version of The IT Crowd on television rather than seeking it out from the dark corners of YouTube.


I really just wish they’d cut their losses and stop trying to make American IT Crowd happen, but here’s the silver lining: the show is going to be coming to us from the brains behind other successful, quirky shows like Scrubs, Cougar Town, Community, and the cult web series hit, Nobody’s Watching: Bill Lawrence, Neil Goldman, and Garret Donovan. According to Deadline, Goldman and Donovan, who were nominated for an Emmy for writing the Scrubs episode My Screwup, also wrote the pilot.

roy it

If anyone was going to do a good job with an American remake of The IT Crowd, it could potentially be these guys. There aren’t any casting announcements yet, and we don’t have an air date, so we’ll have to wait see what NBC does with our favorite UK IT team. But really, if you think about it, attempting an American remake of a popular UK show, failing and cancelling it, and then trying again is really the TV version of Roy’s timeless tech advice:

classic roy

What do you think of NBC trying to make another American IT Crowd? Will you watch? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “We’re Getting Another American IT Crowd

  1. I really don’t understand why they feel the need to make American versions of shows that exist. I haven’t seen too many, but the ones I have I’ve hated compared to the original!

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