Confession: I’m Not Sure How I Feel About The Flash


I’ve been watching The Flash for a few episodes now, and I have to admit: I’m not in love. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m not enjoying the show, but in the face of shows like Supernatural and Arrow, I feel like The Flash is missing something for me. However, I remember Arrow took a few episodes for me to be fully hooked, so I’m still giving The Flash a chance. I’m in no way about to bid farewell to Barry Allen (especially since The CW has officially ordered a full season of the show), but here are a few things I want to see happen over the coming episodes:

More Explanation Around Harrison Wells. Seriously, wtaf is going on with this guy?!?

I like to think Harrison Wells mourned the failure of his particle accelerator in a similar fashion to Dan Dorian.
I like to think Harrison Wells mourned the failure of his particle accelerator in a similar fashion to Dan Dorian.

I love Tom Cavanaugh, and I think he does a great job as Harrison Wells. However, I have no freaking idea what the heck is going on with him. Twice now, we’ve had him go into his super-secret room, stand up from his wheelchair, remove his glasses (is anything real about you, Harrison?!?), and act fairly sinister about Barry’s future as The Flash. Maybe this is a nod to comic book readers, and they totally have an idea what’s going on here, but I’m completely in the dark–and not in a good way. 99% of Harrison’s interactions with everyone points to him being a good guy. Sure, maybe he’s a bit of a misguided scientist, but he doesn’t seem particularly evil…that is, until he jaunts over to his secret room. While I get the writers don’t want to show their hand too early, I really hope we start getting bigger views into Harrison’s actual character, rather than these overly ambiguous, highly confusing mini-scenes.

A Clearer Mission for Barry 

I love Barry Allen. I think he’s the most adorable thing ever, and I love how nerdy, goofy, and awkward he is.


But The Flash? He’s kind of got a bit of a wobbly mission. There’s the fighting crime part of it, there’s the finding other meta-humans bit, and there’s the finding his mother’s killer bit. I get that this is setting up to be a huge universe with multiple seasons, but so far I felt like this season has been a bit of “Oh, wow, he runs fast!” and “I will find who killed mom…and other meta-humans” and “I can save this city”. Sure, we’re not too far into the season, but like Oliver and his list, I hope that we will start to see the makings of a clearer season 1 story arc for Barry and The Flash.

Continue Being Besties with Team Arrow! 

arrow-flash-spinoff-gifs-cw-doctorI’ve talked a lot about stuff that I don’t like about The Flash, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how much I love that Arrow and The Flash work together so closely. I think they bring such interesting dynamics to the other’s universe, and I like the mentor relationship Oliver has with Barry. I just don’t want Barry to end up with Felicity. #Olicity 

Keep Developing the Characters

the-flashI was thrilled to get a closer look into Caitlin Snow’s life and her fiance, Ronnie (played by Robbie Amell). We’ve also gotten a glimpse into Barry’s childhood living with Det. West, as well as a particularly touching story from Barry’s dad about Barry learning to walk. This show has several characters bursting with potential, and I hope the show keeps giving them room to grow and develop. However, with new character introductions each week it seems, I’m hoping that the show doesn’t get too caught up on introducing us to new faces rather than fully forming the ones we already know.

What do you think of The Flash so far? Let me know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out the trailer for next week’s episode of The Flash, “Going Rogue”, below –Felicity Smoak is in next week’s episode, guys!

10 thoughts on “Confession: I’m Not Sure How I Feel About The Flash

  1. I’m feeling a little iffy as well.I enjoy the show, but have a lot of questions and with all the time travel rumors, I’m even more “meh” on it. I’ll stick with it though. Even Arrow wasn’t awesome right out of the gate, so I don’t have a problem giving Flash more time to settle in.

  2. I understand what you’re trying to say, I kinda feel the same that there’s something missing. Its different from Arrow as it should be. I was hoping for a more wittier theme for ‘The Flash’. But hey its just 3 episodes old and its not bad at all. Its pretty good and can definitely transform to a ‘Spectacular’ level. About that Harrison arc , I am actually digging it. I am really excited about that storyline and think they are going at a right pace with it. A story on The Flash was always going to include Time paradox , i just hope it turns out to be a mind twister( I just love time bending cocepts).

  3. I’ve never watched Arrow but I’ve been watching The Flash, and mostly enjoying it. Does watching Arrow add to the experience? Also, does Arrow have the same teenage-drama feel that The Flash has going on? I almost gave up because of that, but then it hooked me.

    1. I think it does add to the experience, especially since cast members seem to freely move back and forth from show to show. It’s not a necessity, but it does add something. And no, Arrow is definitely a bit darker than Flash. Oliver Queen (he’s the Arrow) is similar to a Batman type figure. Rich, driven by the need for justice, tragic backstory, stuff like that. So he’s a bit more dark and twisty than Barry. He’s certainly not a goofy character like Barry is. I highly recommend it though.

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