5 Fandom Friday: Must-Have Geeky Halloween Treats


You guys, get excited!

halloween man

I’ll be honest, when it comes to Halloween festivities, I can be pretty boring. I’m enough of a homebody and an introvert that I’d much rather spend Halloween at home, curled up with junk food and a scary movie rather than hanging out downtown in an uncomfortable costume, shivering in the cold outside or sweating my brains out in a crowded club.

Home or not, Halloween candy can get intense, and it’s easy to turn a happy night–or day…or month…no judgement here–of endless junk food into a much more fiendish night of gastrointestinal distress…

dean candy

So I’m here to help you pace yourself with my top 5 Halloween treats you need for a magical and tasty Halloween.

1. Hershey’s Almond Nuggets
Almonds are healthy, so this is probably pretty healthy for you, amirite? Okay, maybe not. These treats don’t have a particularly “geeky” bent to them, but they are my favorite, so I had to include them. If left unsupervised, I could easily zip through a bag of these without blinking. I think I might have a problem, you guys.


2. Harry Potter-style Chocolate Frogs


Moving on from my Almond Hershey Nugget addiction…

If you mosey on over to the blog Nerdy with Children, you can find this awesome recipe for chocolate frogs. I mean, come on, nothing says “perfect geeky Halloween in” like whipping up your own batch of chocolate frogs. You’ll have to whip your own magical enchantments if you want your frogs to really be legit.

3. Dalek Sugar Cookies
I love, love, love baking cookies. Having freshly baked cookies in the house is the besty way to celebrate Halloween. The picture above is of Geek Sweets‘ Valentine’s Day-themed Dalek sugar cookies, but you can easily replace the heart with something more Halloweeny, or the regular Dalek sucker-thing (yes, that’s a technical term).

3. Butterbeer Cupcakes

Speaking of baking, you can find an amazing recipe for Butterbeer Cupcakes over at Amy Bites. The recipe makes about 18 cupcakes, but it makes no mention of serving size. I’m gonna guess it’s about 18 a person. That sounds about right.

4. Nerds

I mean, this one is obvious. The name alone makes it great for this list, but they’re also just tasty candies–and they kind of last forever, especially if you have the misfortune of spilling them. You (or your dog) will be discovering tiny, colorful candy bits in the carpet for years.

5. Those…caramel creme things…you know?

This is another non-geeky option, just one that I love. I call them “these guys” because I’ve never actually gone out and purchased a package of…these guys. I only ever seem to discover them randomly in bins of various candies, but they are super tasty. Apparently they are called “caramel creams” and are made my a company called Goetze’s Candy.


BONUS: Herb Burger

This isn’t a sweet treat, but if you’re really game for a true geeky night in filled with tons of bad-for-you-good-for-the-soul food, The Daring Kitchen has an awesome recipe for a Supernatural-inspired hamburger. Dean and Cas (and Jimmy) approve.

cas happy

What treats are a must for your Halloween celebrations? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to check out the other 5 Fandom Friday posts by following the hashtag, #Fandom5. 

20 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: Must-Have Geeky Halloween Treats

  1. Omg.. Your Dean gifs.. Made my day 😉
    I’m a homebody, too, and I love all kinds of candy. I love giving it away too.
    Happy Halloween, Kendall 🙂 🙂

  2. Amazing! Love the Supernatural gifs and I’m right there with you on the Hershey Almond NUggets. And I’m definitely gonna have to make those Dalek sugar cookies.

  3. NERDS!!! Oh yes! I loved getting those! The packaging with the two different flavors separated in the box, you could pour them, mix them, save for later. (I’m a sucker for good packaging – ha!) But you are right – once you spill them – game over. I’m pretty sure if my high school car is still alive and running somewhere, there are still a Nerd or two stuck between the seat track and carpet – you never clean up all up – EVER! Good list!!

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