Cinema Blend Post: Clara’s Fate on Doctor Who Is Unclear


Hey, guys! I’m at Cinema Blend talking about Clara’s future on Doctor Who. After the series 8 finale (check my recap of Dark Water and A Death in Heaven) and several announcements in the press, it seemed like her days on the TARDIS might be numbered. However, after the release of the Christmas special sneak peek, Whovians started to wonder if Clara was indeed nearing the end of her run as companion. There were some interesting developments in the press today that have me even more curious. I’m talking about it at Cinema Blend!

We’ve been talking for months about the potential departure of Jenna Louise-Colemanfrom Doctor Who, and after the Season 8 finale, it seemed as though Clara’s days in the TARDIS were numbered. However, after Clara popped back up in the sneak peek for the Christmas special, some Whovians have started to wonder if we’ve really seen the last of Clara Oswald. It looks like we will have an official answer on Clara’s future in the TARDIS when we watch the Christmas special!

While Mirror UK ran a story this morning stating that Coleman will officially stay put as the Doctor’s companion, the new is nothing but a rumor at this point. When Radio Times contacted the BBC, a spokesperson for the network said…

Read the rest over at Cinema Blend! 

What do you think about Clara’s future on the show? Are you a fan of Clara or are you ready to see her go? Let me know in the comments!

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