A Distracted Blogger 2014 Year Wrap Up

It’s been a great year, guys, and I’ve made some amazing new friends and done some awesome new things out here in the land of geek blogging. I’ve got some big plans for 2015, but 2014 was such an exciting year for me on Distracted Blogger that I wanted to talk about some of the highlights. Thanks for reading, you guys. I think next year will hold some exciting things around here! Happy new year!

1. Most Viewed Post: The Inaugural Women In Geek Interview with Sarah Rodriguez

sarah rodriguez

This one was the first in my Women in Geek series, where I chatted with the awesome Sarah Rodriguez from Geek & Sundry, Nerdy But Flirty, and The Rebel Base Podcast (also, be sure to check out the interview with her Rebel Base Podcast co-host, Catarina Dennis). I loved doing this series, and I got to meet and interact with so many awesome women doing some really cool stuff in the land of geekery. I hope y’all liked it, too!

2. Busiest Day on the Blog: GeekGirl Con Coverage


I had the pleasure of attending the GeekGirl Con this year as press, and I had a blast (I also tried my hand at casual cosplay for the first time). It would seem you guys enjoyed reading about my coverage, too. My coverage of the con brought me the busiest day of my year. The con was amazing, and I really hope I get to attend next year!

3. The Post That Brought The Controversy (sort of, anyway): The Milo Manara Spider-Woman Piece 

manara cover

I wrote this as a guest post for Outright Geekery, but I got a lot of traffic here (and my first real taste of some serious pushback, especially on Reddit) for this post. However, I was so stoked to see the amount of women and men that spoke out, calling out Milo Manara for this variant cover. This was a pretty cool year for comics, to be certain (can we talk about how much I LOVE the new Thor???), and I’m glad I got to talk about it on Distracted Blogger.

4. The Post The Surprised Me With How Well It Did: My Defense of Danny Pink

danny santaI loved Danny so much, and apparently you guys did, too. I was just surprised to see how many of you all resonated with the feelings I shared in the post. If only we could have saved Danny from the fickle hand of Moffat…

5. My Favorite Post: For Those Of Us Who Aren’t At San Diego Comic Con

leoThis was, without a doubt, one of my favorite posts to write of the entire year. I wrote it in a fit of melancholy as I watched my Twitter and Facebook blow up with the amazing time people were having at SDCC. More than that though this post, to this day, still makes me laugh–which, making yourself laugh is what matters right? Also, that Leonardo DiCaprio gif from Romeo + Juliet is my favorite.

Other Places I Blogged This Year: 

Girls of Geek12

Outright Geekery


The Mary Sue


Cinema Blend 

Sites That Featured Me: 

Her Universe Fangirl of the Day

Being Geek Chic’s Lady Geek of the Week

Top 5 Traffic Drivers for Distracted Blogger

1. Twitter

2. Facebook

3. Bloglovin’

4. Google +

5. My Author Page At The Mary Sue

So thank you again for all of you who read, comment, like, and share my blog posts. You are all wonderful. I can’t wait to continue growing this site and creating content that you guys enjoy engaging with. And, of course, filling your lives with tons and TONS of gifs. Seriously, I have a gif for just about everything.


I feel like I think in gifs now. I might have a problem…

Gif addiction or not, it’s been a great year, all thanks to you lovelies. Can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store! Blog hug!

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