Supernatural: What Happened To Charlie in Oz?

Guys! It’s an all new Supernatural tonight, and guess who’s back???charlie spn


Felicia Day’s Charlie is probably one of my favorite characters on Supernatural. She’s awkward, she’s funny, and I just love her relationship with Sam and Dean.

bromentShe’s an utterly relatable blend of goofy and brave. Any character that is introduced through an elevator dance montage is tops in my book.

Part of the reason we love her so much though, is because she is such a breath of fresh air on the show. Charlie has been through a lot. She’s certainly got her own pain (and, in true Winchester hunter-style, she’s even died and been brought back), but she manages to be a pretty happy character. For a show that is usually a twisted, hot, steamy mess of darkness, sadness, and, you know…

feelings…it’s nice to have Charlie around to bring some lightness and perspective. She also is able to bring a bit of that normal, human fear into situations. Because Sam and Dean have been hunting since they were kids, they often times have no trouble bursting head first into crazy dangerous situations. Monsters don’t really freak them out, and really the only thing they’re afraid of is losing each other.

That’s all great, but let’s be honest: monsters are scary. The hunter lifestyle is scary. Charlie is able to bring that real fear into the show, but because she is so awesome she is able to overcome that (totally natural and incredibly understandable) fear and help the Winchesters bring down some nasty monsters. I just love watching the three of them work together…

…and don’t even get me started on Dean and Charlie’s adorable relationship. I love Dean and Sam’s sibling relationship, but there is just something really special about the sibling-type love Dean and Charlie have for one another.

Look at those two nerds. I just love 'em.
Look at those two nerds. I just love ’em.

While I was really excited for Charlie to get the chance to go with Dorothy into Oz–I was also glad that it would stop her from hunting by herself–I wasn’t sure what it would mean for her and her relationship with the boys. After seeing the trailer for tonight’s episode, it sounds like something pretty intense happened to Charlie while she was following the yellow brick road with Dorothy.

So what’s the deal? What happened to Charlie in Oz? Where’s Dorothy? Why has Charlie moved away from her brightly colored outfits and classic, Felicia Day fast-talking to black leather outfits and slow, sexy villain-speak? Why is she holding knives to old lady’s throats, and why, oh why, is she fighting Dean?

My guess? This isn’t some new version of Charlie, but instead something got to Charlie. Before the mid-season premiere last week, Robbie Thompson explained that Charlie brought “something really scary” back from Oz. It stands to reason that the really scary something didn’t just follow her out of Oz, but it maybe rode her out of Oz. Maybe the really scary thing she brought back from Oz is something within her. We don’t really know the extent of the monsters and villains in Oz, but from our brief encounter with the Wicked Witch in Charlie’s last episode, there is some definite nastiness that rests outside the Emerald City. It isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that something gnarly from Oz decided to jump into the Winchester’s world and used Charlie as their conduit.

I just really hope that they aren’t turning Charlie from the Queen of Moons into some slick, hardened hunter. Because, really, she was perfect before Oz. Sure, she wasn’t fearless like Sam and Dean, but that’s a totally normal, healthy reaction to the stuff she had to go up against. However, even though she would occasionally get scared, she never let it stop her from doing what needed to be done to stop a monster from hurting people. Charlie was brave, loving, funny, smart, and inventive. She doesn’t need some bad-ass makeover, because she was pretty much a bad ass from the start.

Maybe that’s what she learned on her quest down the yellow brick road in Oz. She didn’t need someone to make her a bad ass. The bad assery was inside of her all along.

Let’s hope we just get our favorite red-haired nerd back soon!

Will you be watching tonight? What do you think happened to Charlie in Oz? Let me know in the comments! 

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