Fandom Nails: Harry Potter

Fandom Nails (2)

If you follow me on Pinterest or Instagram, you already know that I’ve become pretty obsessed with nail designs and nail art as of late. So it seemed like kind of a no-brainer for me to bring my fandoms into my nail designs. I did this a bit when I attended GeekGirlCon last year, and decided to start doing fandom-themed nails more often.

Today’s fandom theme is Harry Potter. Here’s what I used:

Nail Polish

1. Nicole by OPI High Shine Top Coat

2. Revlon #250 Rich Raspberry

3. Salon Perfect #802 White Out

4. Salon Perfect #820 Black Diamond

I painted all of my nails in the Rich Raspberry color, and my initial plan was to only use the Black Diamond polish to help add the fandom to my accent nails. However, after my first attempt to draw the Deathly Hallows, I realized something:

Deathly Hallows Nail Fail
If you squint really hard, you can totally tell its the Deathly Hallows symbol.

Human nails are tiny, and I am not nearly skilled enough to properly draw a Deathly Hallows with one color. I brought the white in to help make the symbol look more like three, distinct things, not just a triangular blob of nail polish.

I had a lot more success adding in the white. I drew the lightning bolt scar on my right hand, and I outlined the lightning bolt with the white to make my left hand not stand out as much. Despite the fact that I am right-handed and was running on little food and lots of coffee–so I kind of looked like this as I tried to carefully, neatly paint lines onto my nails

jurassic jello

–I was, shockingly, able to make a pretty respectable lightning bolt:

Harry Potter Lightning Bolt NailFor my left hand, I drew the Deathly Hallows symbol. I used the black to draw the triangle (Cloak of Invisibility) and the line (Elder Wand), and then used the white for the circle (Resurrection Stone).

Deathly Hallows NailThough I ended up using the white simply to avoid the disastrous Deathly Hallows blob that I created earlier, I was actually pretty happy with making the Resurrection Stone stand out from the other two symbols. Though there was a lot of hype behind tracking down the Elder Wand in the books, I always felt that the real power was in the Resurrection Stone. Being able to bring back deceased loved ones? Yeah, that seems like a pretty huge power to me. Maybe there really wasn’t a deep, philosophical reason behind the two-toned symbol, I can certainly make it sound like there was. Really, that’s all that matters, amirite?

If you haven’t heard the Tale of the Three Brothers, here’s the story to explain the Deathly Hallows:

Do you like to play with different nail designs? Have you tried to do a fandom-inspired manicure? Let me know in the comments! 

3 thoughts on “Fandom Nails: Harry Potter

  1. I love some fandom nails I’ve seen online, and always think to myself, hey I should do that! And then I just get way to impatient to sit down and do my nails. I rarely every have painted nails, unless my four year old does them for me haha! However, I do love looking at other peoples – I love the two tone Deathly Hallows!

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