Fandom Nails: Skyrim Dragon Shouts

Fandom Nails (2)Skyrim is one of my favorite video games ever, and I really wanted to try to bring some Skyrim love to my nails.

Here’s the thing though, though there are loads of cool runes and symbols from the game, they are all hella hard to put onto your fingernails. I initially wanted to try to recreate the Skyrim symbol.

It…did not go well. So after a few more naive and misguided efforts of creating different symbols and runes, I eventually decided to put some dragon shouts on my nails. I’ll be honest, the big motivator here was because a lot of dragon words in Skyrim are written with nothing more than a series of lines. I can totally draw lines on my nails, guys. More than that, there are tons of dragon words to choose from. After a bit of looking, I landed on the words “ice” and “fire”:

Here is what I used:

photo 1 (3)

Pure Ice, Spit Fire

Nicole by OPI, High Shine Top Coat

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, Blackout

Salon Perfect, White Out

From there, I used the black as a base coat. To draw the runes, I used the white polish and sort of awkwardly broke them up between three nails. If you look at the words “fire” and “ice”, there seem to be three basic symbols that make up each word, so while the Greybeards might balk at my division of the symbols (though I’m pretty sure they’d have a bigger issue with my horrible attempts at recreating the characters on my nails), I felt it got the job done for geeky nail purposes.

I found that it looked a bit weird with just the black and white–like I had random splatters of white on my nails, and not in a cool way– so adding the glitter pulled the look together. I topped it off with the shiny topcoat, and was good to go. Here’s the finished product:

photo 2 (4)Check out my last endeavor in geeky nails with my Harry Potter-inspired mani

12 thoughts on “Fandom Nails: Skyrim Dragon Shouts

  1. AHHHH, THIS IS AWESOME! Skyrim is most def one of my all time favorites. And your nails are so cool looking. I bet you could totally do some Shadowmarks too, there’s some circles, but it’s mostly lines. Okay, you know what, now I have to try this.

  2. These are so good!! I love that you play Skyrim! I got a little bit addicted to it a couple of years ago but haven’t been on in a while. Have you used the Thomas the tank engine cheat, where it turns all the dragons into tank engines? Hilarious! I think there is a youtube video of it. 😉 x

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