Free Comic Book Day 2015 (illustrated with Bridesmaids gifs–because why not?)


Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day, guys! Get excited!

its happening

If you’ll remember my endeavors from last year’s FCBD, I kind of half-assed the entire effort. I didn’t decide I wanted to partake in FCBD until the day of, and I didn’t decide to actually venture over to my local comic book store until later in the day, which meant I kind of missed out on the whole thing.

Not this year, kids! This year, I’m going to fully partake in the Free Comic Book Day festivities. What festivities are those, you might ask? Well, let’s start with the obvious…

Free Stuff!

Its-free-gifNamely, free comics. I mean, it’s called Free Comic Book Day for a reason. Even cooler, most comic book publishers have released issues just for FCBD. You can see the list of those titles on the FCBD site.

Your Comic Book Store Will Make An Event Of It

partyThis is a pretty big event for comic shops, so they’re gonna make it worth your time to stand in line and jam into a super tiny, shockingly crowded comic shop. Though every store will be different, usually you can expect to find anything at your local comic book store from local artists to indie publishers, local writers, cosplay, contests, drawing, and even food–not to mention the awesome experience of getting to meet and hang out with some other local comic book lovers.

Some Pretty Rad FCBD Merch To Help Commemorate FCBD 2015

you got some stuff

You can get yourself anything from the official 2015 shirt with this year’s FCBD logo designed by Amanda Conner to posters, totes, and hats. Even better, you order the merch through your local comic shop, so it helps a local small business. Win-win. You can see the 2015 FCBD merch on their website.

Check out the store locator to see what comic shops in your area are participating. You can also check out if your local library is doing anything to celebrate FCBD. In short, it’s gonna be awesome, and there will be something for everyone to enjoy–even people new to comics. I cannot WAIT for tomorrow! One more day, guys…

one more dayAre you going to be participating in Free Comic Book Day this year? What are your plans? Let me know in the comments! 

10 thoughts on “Free Comic Book Day 2015 (illustrated with Bridesmaids gifs–because why not?)

  1. This will be my first time going! I’m excited. We’re bringing our daughter, and she is so excited to get new comics, which makes my heart happy. Obviously I’ll take the free ones, but I’m also planning on buying some as well!

  2. This will be my first time going. I had never heard about Free Comic Book Day until a couple weeks ago. And it will be my first time going to this local comic book store I didn’t even know existed (which is like 10 minutes away from me) until I found out about FCBD. I am so excited about FCBD and it’s awesome that my sister is excited about it as well! 😀

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