Denver Comic Con 2015 Roundup

And just like that, another Denver Comic Con is in the books. This year’s con was completely amazing, but man, I am zonked.


Exhausted or not, I had the BEST time. Last year’s con was marvelous, but I feel like they only stepped their game up this year. certainly crowded, but this year it felt especially packed. It was exciting to see so many people come out for such an amazing event! There was fabulous cosplay everywhere you looked, and I even caught a glimpse of an old friend from last year, the Raptor Evangelist.


Unlike last year, my everyday cosplay efforts were highly successful. I stuck with my original outfit plan of Heisenberg, Scarlet Witch, and Black Widow, and I’m so glad that I did. I think if I had tried to pull something crazy off in the last few days, I would have crashed and burned. So ten points for planning ahead!

I did try out Vine, as I mentioned earlier on the blog. It wasn’t an epic failure, nor did I fall to the ground and have a Squidward-esque attack of being overwhelmed by the future. I’m not sure what to think about Vine, honestly. I think it’s something I want to play with a bit more, but I’m glad that I’ve started messing around with it. You can follow me on Vine to see my videos from the con.

At last year’s con, I spent most of my time in the smaller panels–which I thoroughly loved. This year, however, I didn’t get to spend time on the smaller panels. There were SO MANY big-name guests this year, and paired with several interviews that I had scheduled, and I just couldn’t swing it to the smaller panels. I was most bummed about missing the “Cosplay on a Budget” panel by my fellow Female Geek Blogger pal over at Cosplay Cents. However, if you want to see how that panel went, head over to Cosplay Cents’s website for a recap.

Though it was too bad that I missed the smaller panels, I was THRILLED to have gotten the chance to attend so many of the amazing main event panels. I also learned my lesson from last year, and I allowed plenty of time in my schedule for standing in line.

Jewel Staite

Jewel Staite

I, of course, could not miss a chance to hear Ms. Kaylee herself. Jewel was fabulous. She’s snarky, sweet, and shares my love of cheeseburgers. She has been quite busy lately, starring in several upcoming projects (How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town, 40 Below and Falling, and Personal Effects). So we’ve got lots of Jewel to look forward to on the big screen! She also spent a small amount of time talking about Higher Ground, a short-lived, soapy show that I was OBSESSED with in middle school. She mentioned that, in addition to co-starring with the future Mr. Anakin Skywalker himself, Jewel’s fiance, Charlie, also had a guest role on the show. Charlie was at the con and was watching the panel, but Jewel didn’t point him out to avoid embarrassing him (and, let’s be honest, causing a fan mob to form). However, she assured us he was the hottest one in the room. It was so sweet to see how head-over-heels she is with Charlie. Also, if you follow her on Twitter (which you should), she just announced that she’s having a baby! Congrats, Jewel! Head over to my Vine to see my videos from her panel.

Gwendoline Christie

Gwendoline Christie Collage

You wouldn’t know it from watching her as Brienne of Tarth on Game of Thrones, but Gwendoline Christie is actually hilarious. She has the most infectious laugh, and she has such a passion for what she does. I could have listened to Gwendoline talk about Brienne for hours. Gwendoline loves Brienne–who doesn’t, for real–and she works really hard to keep as much as she can as authentic as she can. For instance, the armor she wears as Brienne is completely metal (read: heavy), and she will only use the real (read: also heavy) sword when she’s wielding Oathkeeper. Unsurprisingly, she didn’t talk much about The Force Awakens, except for calling it “a dream come true” (by the way, if you haven’t seen her as Captain Phasma yet, you should do that now). She also spoke a bit about her role in Mockingjay Part II as Commander Lyme. Again, she didn’t have much to say, apart from calling her a strong woman and a rebel. I cannot WAIT! Gwendoline is truly inspirational, and it was so amazing to hear her talking about Brienne, empowering women, and finding strength and confidence in playing such a unique (and fully AWESOME) character like Brienne. Unfortunately, I was having tech issues, so I only grabbed one Vine from her panel. Head over to my Vine to see my videos from her panel.

David Morrissey and Scott Wilson

*Walking Dead spoilers below, be warned* Hershel and Governor Collage Because who doesn’t want a panel with the Governor and Hershel, amirite? These two are fabulous. David Morrissey is, mercifully, nothing like his character. David is funny, he seems to be a genuinely nice man, and he truly cared about his Walking Dead cast members–even Rick. Scott Wilson, on the other hand, seems to be just like Hershel. He’s a kind man, and he seemed to genuinely care about the fans that came out to see them. Though the told several great stories–like Scott falling asleep when they shot Hershel’s leg amputation scene and snoring on camera, or David realizing he’d never be able to go outside again after he saw that he essentially killed Christmas when he beheaded Hershel, who is basically Santa himself–there was no reference to my favorite Walking Dead thing ever, the first Walking Dead Bad Lip Reading (start at 3:56 for the Governor’s song). I supposed mentioning it at San Diego Comic Con is enough, but I really wanted to see him say “On Broadway”. Head over to my Vine to see my videos from their panel.

And while seeing panels is always lovely, part of the real fun of Comic Con is getting to meet fabulous people, and I got to meet some AMAZING people this year. While I’ll post more about my interviews with these folks later, here’s a quick rundown of who I met with:

DC Collage

I’m actually still in shock that I got to do this. I was given the AMAZING opportunity by DC Comics to sit down with Becky Cloonan (writer of Gotham Academy), Marguerite Bennett (author of Earth 2 and the upcoming Bombshells comic), and Jim Palmiotti and Amanda Conner (writers of Harley Quinn, Starfire, and the upcoming Harley Quinn and Power Girl mini-series). These folks were marvelous, and I can’t wait to share my interviews with them here! geek-fuel-bw-logoGeek Fuel is a Denver-based geeky subscription box. They’ve been around for about six months and are already taking the world by storm. There are lots of geek subscription boxes out there, but these guys have some pretty rad ideas to help them stand out from the crowd. Check ’em out, and come back here for more on them!

EspionageBecause of crappy cell service, dead phones, and migraines, I didn’t actually get to talk to the awesome women of Espionage Cosmetics at the con. However, these guys are super rad, and I can’t wait to talk to you guys about them, so we’re going to chat post-con. Again, check these folks out, and come back here for an interview with them!

I also got a photo op with Karen Gillan. I’ve never done a photo op before, but I just couldn’t pass up missing Karen Gillan in person. Check it out:

Kendall and Karen

I was super nervous about saying something stupid, but luckily they churned everyone through the line very quickly (it was a HUGE line–I am sure Karen was exhausted) so I didn’t have time to say anything beyond “hello” and “thank you”–which I did stupendously well, as if I’d been saying “hello” and “thank you” my whole life.

nailed it

In short, Denver Comic Con was amazing. The entire event was top-notch, and I love seeing this con get better and better each year. Even better, proceeds from ticket sales benefits the non-profit Pop Culture Classroom, a Denver-based education nonprofit that offers pop culture, core-aligned educational programs. The driving power behind PCC stems from the staff’s personal experiences of the positive influence of comics and other pop culture media in the staff’s own lives. They envision individuals transformed by the educational power of popular culture who create diverse, inclusive and engaged communities. Judging by how many people attended the con, I’m sure PPC raised a TON of money (you can donate on their website, if you’re so inclined). Even better? Umbrella Corp Denver donated their proceeds to PPC as well. Ten points to Umbrella Corp!

I’m incredibly sad that Denver Comic Con is over, but I had so much fun this year. I cannot wait to see what the con has in store in the future. Time to get ready for Denver Comic Con 2016!

Did you attend Denver Comic Con? What was your favorite part? Tell me about it or any other cons you attended this month in the comments. Be sure to follow me on Vine to see my con videos, follow me on Twitter and my convention hashtag, #KenAtTheCon to see other convention tidbits. Be sure to follow me on Bloglovin’ so you don’t miss the amazing interviews I snagged at this year’s DCC! 

27 thoughts on “Denver Comic Con 2015 Roundup

  1. I was there with my family on Sat. Had so much fun! But because we had little ones we didn’t do any of the panels. I would love to know how early people start to line up for the main event panels – as well as the smaller ones. Next year I’m definitely getting a 3 day pass!

    1. How fun! I’m glad y’all had a great time! For smaller panels, it usually depends on what they are talking about/who is presenting. Usually you’re good with 30-45 minutes max for those, though often less. For the Women in the Geek Industry panel I attended last year, I got there 30 minutes early and there were exactly three people ahead of me in line. The main event panels though, I give myself at least an hour–and even then, I’m never even CLOSE to first in line. 🙂 You should totally do a 3-day next year! It takes the pressure off you, and you don’t have to feel like cramming everything into one day. Definitely nice! 🙂

  2. GWENOLINE!! i love her so, so much as Brienne and didn’t even know she was going to be in Part II of MJ!! will have to keep an eye out. 😀

  3. Oh wow, they really did have great celebrity panels! I’m super jealous! I think they’re announcing the programming for WW Des Moines soon, so hopefully we get some great panels, too! Cons are simply the best 🙂

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