Geek & Sundry Post: Treat. Yo. Self.

Parks and Rec has brought us a lot of awesome stuff. Not only has it given us fabulous new ways to tell our besties we love them…

space unicorn

…it’s also given us the brilliant holidays of Galentine’s Day and of course Treat Yo’ Self. While TYS 2015 doesn’t come around until October 13, today is National Splurge Day (an actual, IRL holiday). So why wait until October to treat yo’ self? On Geek & Sundry, I’m offering some ideas on how you can treat yo’ self today that stray from traditional TYS fare of clothes, fragrances, and fine leather goods. Here’s an excerpt:

…while Tom and Donna like to celebrate their particular day by showering themselves with massages, fragrances, fine leather goods, and clothes, they would be the first ones to tell you that any day where you relish in the finer things in life looks different for everyone. This goes doubly for a day full of splurges when your idea of a good time is less about rolling up in a Benz and more about rolling the 20-sided dice.

Because this particular special day only comes once a year, I’ve compiled a few creative alternatives to the traditional Treat Yo’ Self festivities of shopping and pampering. There’s no wrong way to treat yo’ self and splurge on the good times, after all. So here are a few ideas off the beaten path to get your creative juices flowing:

Get that autograph and photo op. 

It’s comic con season, and buying a pass (and potentially a hotel room) can really drain your bank account. It may seem silly to drop another chunk of change to get yourself an autograph and photo op with you favorite celeb attending the con. At least, on any other day it would seem like that…


Sure, celebrity autographs and photo ops can be pretty pricey, and depending on who the celeb is, you will probably have a good wait in line before you get to actually take your picture/get the autograph. However, it’s totally worth it to get a few minutes (well, seconds is probably more realistic) with your favorite star. Plus, you’ll have that pic forever. Worth it!

Read the whole article at Geek & Sundry.

I HAD to include getting a celeb photo op on my list of ways to splurge since I got to experience my very first celeb photo op with the marvelous Karen Gillan at this year’s Denver Comic Con. Here’s the pic again, because I most definitely splurged on it, so I’d better get some mileage out of this pic. Also, I have a picture with Amy freaking Pond, and that’s amazing. BEHOLD:

Kendall and Karen


What are some creative ways you can splurge today? I hope you’ll join me over at Geek & Sundry, and offer some of your ideas!

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