5 Fandom Friday: Spinoffs I Want To See

I always tend to find those characters in television that maybe aren’t the center of attention–or at least they aren’t the #1 main character–that completely captivate me, and make me want to see more. So in this week’s Fandom 5, I’m tipping my hat to those characters, with 5 spinoff series that I’d love to see become a real thing. Just a warning,

1. A Jesse Pinkman Spin-Off

[since I myself recently just watched Breaking Bad for the first time, I feel it’s only fair I offer a spoiler alert for anyone currently watching BrBa for the first time]


This was the last image we saw of Jesse Pinkman, his exhuberant escape. I personally adhere to the Aaron Paul headcanon, saying that Jesse is a carpenter in Alaska, but I know there are a lot of people that say that Jesse didn’t get far before getting picked up by the cops. Part of me doesn’t want to see a Jesse Pinkman spin-off ever. That would give us a definitive answer on what happened, and frankly, if there’s a spin-off, it means that Jesse is most definitely not living a sober, safe, peaceful life as an Alaskan carpenter. So maybe I don’t want this…maybe he can just appear on Better Call Saul

2. A Spin-Off About Rose Tyler and “The Other Doctor”

Rose Doctor

I’d love to see a show focusing on the crazy adventures that these two have, because you know that even though this Doctor isn’t a proper Time Lord that Rose and “the Doctor” are absolutely having insane adventures in the alternate universe. Also, I just need more Rose and Ten in my life, let’s be honest.

3. An Actual Ghostfacers Show


We got a taste of a Ghostfacers show with the webseries, but I’d love to see an actual, real TV show following the Ghostfacers. Because, you know, they totally make up from their last episode, grab their EVP monitors, and are back at it. Let me have my dream.

4. Wayward Daughters

jody and donna

Ever since Supernatural introduced awesome women characters like Sheriff Jody, Sheriff Donna, Claire Novak, and Krissy Chambers, Alex/Annie/Alexis/Ann, I’ve wanted to see a show focusing on just them. They just need to be their own weird, bizarre little family that loves each other and hunts monsters. Search Wayward Daughters on Tumblr, and you’ll see some great ideas for this show–so I’m not alone in wanting this show. And, I mean, since Bloodlines didn’t work out, The CW is in the market for a new Supernatural spin-off. There you go, CW, I just gave you two. You’re welcome.

5. A Spin-Off On the Governor and Woodbury

the governor

You guys, the Governor was THE GREATEST villain ever. I was so glad when he died, you know, because screw him for what he did to Hershel, but OH MY WORD I was so bummed that such a formidable foe was gone. I’d love to see a spin-off that was focused on the Governor and his rise to power within Woodbury. It might have to be a mini-series since the Governor isn’t the most likable guy out there, but still, I just want more Governor in my life. He’s too deliciously evil.

What are some spin-offs you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments! Be sure to check out my other Fandom 5 posts, and follow the #Fandom5 hashtag to see what everyone else is talking about today! 

13 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: Spinoffs I Want To See

  1. A Rose/Ten spin-off made my list, too. It would be wonderful to see more of them! 🙂

    While I’d watch anything spun off of the Walking Dead….I read a bit of the comics, and I do NOT want more of the Governor. 😛 He’s more interesting/fascinating/stomachable in the show, but I can’t wipe the original, horrifyingly sick version of him from my mind! He was awful. That said, I’d still totally watch a mini-series about his rise to power in Woodbury anyway–I was so mad that the writers killed off the entire group instead of using the opportunity to introduce new (lasting) characters! I feel like we missed out on Woodbury. :-/

    1. It’s true. I haven’t gotten to read the comics or the Kirkman novels on Woodbury, so after doing that, my thoughts might change on the Governor. But as far as TV Governor goes, I want more of him! He just is SUCH a good villain. 🙂

  2. I would love a Ghostfacers show! And it would have been cool if the new Walking Dead was about The Gov. I feel like we still had a lot to learn about that guy.

  3. Love both the ideas from Supernatural. I honestly think either of those could make it, but I lean a little more toward Jodie and Donna having their own show. I think it could have the same Supernatural vibe and their characters are well-rounded enough that they could carry the show for a long time.

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