The Coolest (but sadly, fictional) Jobs from TV and Movies

Movies and television often give us unrealistic expectations. Whether its about life, love, or what kind of apartment we can afford (seriously how the hell did the Friends gang afford such a kickin’ place in NYC?!?), we’re forever confused about what is actually attainable vs. what seems to be attainable because of movies. I’ll be honest, one of the areas I am most guilty of allowing movies to skew my perception of reality is my career. So even though I know these jobs are utterly fictitious–and are probably LOADS more challenging than I’d like to admit–there are a few jobs that always give me a twinge of regret when I remember they are merely fictional gigs.



I am well aware of the fact that hunting is a crazy dangerous job, but I can’t help but think it would be one of the coolest careers around. Sure, you don’t make a ton of money–or, like, any at all–but getting to travel all over the country (and the world, if you aren’t afraid of flying like Dean) to save people and hunt monsters sounds like a blast. Plus, I’m dorky enough like Sam that I would totally love digging into the lore as I researched for a case.


Level 7

Okay, so maybe SHIELD isn’t the greatest place to work, especially after the whole Hydra thing, but BEFORE things got messy, I would have loved to have been a part of SHIELD. Protecting the earth and working with the likes of Thor and Black Widow? Oh please, oh please tell me, where do I sign?!

FBI Special Agent, the X-Files


For all I know, the X-Files are a real thing. After all, THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE. But really, I would love to work in the X-Files division of the FBI. You can call me Spooky Kendall all you want. If my 9-5 consisted of chasing down aliens and other supernatural phenomena, I’d take the stupid nicknames. This one would also include a more steady paycheck than hunting. So win-win.


Black Canary

I really hate it when I hear about horrible things happening all over the world and feeling largely powerless to stop it. I think becoming a masked vigilante, trolling the streets for evil-doers and other mischief-makers to keep my city safe for everyone would be kind of rad. Plus, I’d be really excited about getting some sick fighting moves, a snazzy vigilante outfit, and a cool vigilante/superhero name. Though I’d probably just let the papers name me. If I tried to name myself I’d probably pick something stupid and grammar-related like The Dangling Participle or something equally ridiculous.

…though that does have a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Mother of Dragons

They say motherhood is the most important job, and I think that most definitely includes being the mother of dragons as well. While I could go without jumping into a fire with my three dragon eggs and then having to come out stark naked in front of a giant group of Dothraki just to add “the unburnt” to my name, I’m totally down for adding this to the “special skills” portion of my resume:

dragon not slave

What are some fictional jobs from movies and television that you wish were real? What would your dream, fictional job be? What fictional job would you absolutely HATE? Let me know in the comments!

13 thoughts on “The Coolest (but sadly, fictional) Jobs from TV and Movies

  1. I think I’d make an excellent vigilante…and by excellent I mean probably not very good,descending to Deadpool levels of loyalty to any side or sense of moral outrage. But still, awesome career choice … And awesome post idea!

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