Geek Fuel July Box Review


I met the Geek Fuel team at this year’s Denver Comic Con, and I’ve been so excited to feature their subscription box on the blog–check out June’s if you haven’t already. I received the July box, and I LOVED what was inside. Take a peek:

July Box

Just like with the June box, I was stoked about this month’s contents. As always, they included a shirt that fit really well, and the design was cute and a bit zany–the best combination. They also included a download for the game Burnstar that came with some Burnstar candy. The candy was CRAZY sweet, so I bid it adieu pretty early on.

The box also included a Firefly pin, which I LOVE. I have unintentionally started a button collection on my ballet bag, so I’m excited to add another to add to my collection!

July Geek Fuel Collage 1

The Alien Vampirella poster wasn’t really my jam, but the artwork is breathtaking, nonetheless!

My favorites of the box would have to be the Ant-Man shot glass and the issue of Civil War #1 with the Geek Fuel exclusive variant cover (cover by Todd Nauck).

July Geek Fuel Faves

You guys know how pleasantly surprised I was by Ant-Man, so I was really excited to have a bit of swag to celebrate my new favorite, pint-sized superhero. And OMG you guys, I was so thrilled to see that exclusive variant of Civil War. The cover art is sooooo cool looking, and I love that Geek Fuel was able to offer a subscribers-exclusive variant. Made me feel like I was a part of a cool club.

Once again, I was so happy with my box. They manage to make a subscription box with cool and creative things that do more than just take space on a shelf. With shirts, comics, game codes, cavity-producing candy, and usable items like this month’s shot glass, they really set themselves apart from other subscription boxes.

Interested in getting your own box? You should be! Especially because August’s box will have an awesome featured item:

geek fuel august

In August, Geek Fuel will be offering subscribers either an officially licensed Wolverine or an officially licensed Spider-Man figurine (you get one or the other, obvs–you’ll have to wait to open your box to see which one you get!). You have GOT to get in on this. If you aren’t ready to subscribe, try your hand on their monthly mystery box contest. If you ARE interested in a subscription–and who could blame you–head to their website! Even better, if you subscribe to Geek Fuel using my link, you’ll get a free bonus item in your box!

Do you subscribe to Geek Fuel? What has been your favorite box so far? What items would you love to see in a future box? Let me know in the comments! 

13 thoughts on “Geek Fuel July Box Review

  1. I have absolutely no idea why Vampirella and Aliens would ever be in the same universe, but I totally want that poster.

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