Geeky Travel: Austin Edition Part I

One of my favorite things to do is travel. While I can’t zip around the world as often as I’d like, not having kids means Hubster and I can be relatively free to travel whenever we can spare the cash and the time off from work. Very soon, we’ll be embarking on our next journey and will be visiting the weirdest city in Texas: Austin.

You guys. I cannot wait.

While I’m heading down their for a family wedding, we’ve worked a few extra days in there to enjoy the city. I’ll be honest, there is a TON that I want to experience in this city, but since Austin’s unofficial motto is “keep Austin weird”, I was really interested to see what the geek culture was like in their neck of the woods. So I decided to do a bit of research and find a few geeky and/or weird spots in Austin that I’m hoping to visit.


These kind of geek-themed cafes are just not a thing where I live. We’ve got two that have been under construction and “opening soon” for about as long as I can remember, but there really isn’t anything in existence. This is why I can’t wait to check out Emerald Tavern. It basically offers you a place where you can play tabletop games, sip coffee or alcohol, and munch on some of their food items. All with English Tudor decor.

Uncommon Objects

Uncommon Objects is a quirky little antique shop filled with random bits and bobs from years past. I’m a sucker for an antique store, and I love looking at things that are so old you can practically feel the history vibrating off of them. It may be kitschy, but I think I’ll have a blast looking around this store. Plus, I heard they sometimes have old photographs for sale, and those are some of my favorite things to stumble upon in an antique shop.

Game Over VideoGames

Game Over Videogames is basically a ginormous video game store. They carry classic games and consoles right along with modern games and consoles. I’ll have to check the calendar to see if they’re hosting any fun events while I’m there, but even if they aren’t this sounds like a fantastically amazing video game store to visit.


This place is an awesome blend of comic shop, collectible store, and cosplay resource center–or so I’ve heard. Not only do they carry a wide range of geeky goods, but they also host special events and concerts at the store. This is another one that I’ll have to see if they’re hosting a special event when I’ll be in town. This store really seems like a geeky destination shop, carrying anything and everything a geek gal could want. I’m so excited to see what they’re all about.


I put these two together because, apparently, they are next door to one another. I feel like I almost HAVE to check out Austin Books & Comics because it is the largest comic book shop in the area. Still, they apparently have a giant Hulk statue in the shop, and I kinda NEED to take a pic with it. However, the Guzu Gallery next door seems so wonderfully weird that I just HAVE to visit. It’s part collectible store, part art gallery, but all about geeky goodness and creative expression. Count me in.

What are some other must-see geeky or weird things I need to see while I’m in Austin? Let me know your favorite weird Austin locales in the comments! 

7 thoughts on “Geeky Travel: Austin Edition Part I

  1. It’s been years since I’ve stepped foot in Austin, (even though I’m only a few hours away), so I’m not sure if any of these places are still around: Big Top candy store, Lucy in Disguise costume shop, and there was an awesome quirky toy store whose name I can’t remember.. And if you can make it next door to San Marcos, there’s the BEST coffee shop in the universe called Wake the Dead. (Jack Skellington statues galore!) My Austin-dwelling bff can recommend you other stuff, especially food places. I wish I could visit again soon!


  2. I am so, so, so, so, so jealous. Austin has been on my “to visit” list for far too long. And I love all your geeky picks. I also recommend trying to check out The Alamo Drafthouse, which is an amazing repertoire cinema that serves food and drinks while you’re watching.

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