5 Fandom Friday: Supernatural Deaths I’m Still Not Over


One of the toughest parts of being a part of a fandom is dealing with your favorite characters who leave too soon. While this week’s Fandom 5 is about those fandom deaths I generally can’t accept, as a member of the Supernatural fandom, I’m acutely aware of the pain that comes with losing a character before their time. There have been deaths left and right on this show, but there are some that I still REFUSE to accept. So this week I’m focusing solely on Supernatural deaths that I’m still not over–AND NEVER WILL BE!!!!

And if the nature of this week’s post wasn’t clear: watch out! 



kevin tran

Kevin Tran was my absolute favorite. He started out as a nerdy kid thrust into a crazy world, and by the time he left us he was basically a Winchester. I am STILL not over Gadreel zapping him, and much like Osric Chau himself, I’m still waiting for the show to bring him back (they did it once, they can make it a permanent thing, right?).



When angels die on Supernatural, we see a burn mark of their wings. It’s how we know they’re really, actually, proper dead. We definitely saw Gabe’s wing burn, but I REFUSE to believe he’s gone for good. Plus, when they brought him back for an episode and Cas asked him flat out if he’s really dead, Gabriel winked. He WINKED, guys! He’s the freaking trickster, and he is NOT dead. I REFUSE to accept any other reality!



I still get annoyed when I think of Meg’s death. The whole thing just felt so…unceremonious. After all this awesome character development, after turning her from a character we hated to one we weirdly loved, the boys drive off in a car and leave her to get stabbed and tossed in a gutter by Crowley. She deserved SO much more than dying in the glow of the Winchester’s tail lights. I want them to bring her back just so they can rewrite the ending of her story to something better than dying in an alley while the Winchesters drive away. Ugh.



Don’t even get me started on this one. Just read my obituary for her on Geek & Sundry. Charlie should not have died. Seriously. BRING. BACK. CHARLIE.


jo harvelle

SPEAKING OF PEOPLE WHO SHOULD NOT HAVE DIED!!! Seriously, let’s talk about Jo for a second. She was the only other kid of a hunter we got to meet. Her chemistry with Dean was electric (seriously–I wanted them to get married and live happily ever after). Jo’s backstory was interesting, her motives were fascinating, and she was ultimately reduced to a kid pining for Dean, who died saving Dean, and then came back as a ghost and Dean had to deal with his single man-tear feelings over her death, and then she was gone again. I SO want them to bring her back, if only to, like Meg, rewrite the end of her story to something other than a plot device and a cliche. SERIOUSLY.

Talking about all of these characters we lost too soon has gotten me all worked up, y’all. 

nerd rage

If you’re feeling the nerd rage, too, tell me those fandom deaths (Supernatural or otherwise) that you’re still not over in the comments. And, as always, check out my other Fandom 5 posts, and follow the #Fandom5 hashtag to see what everyone else is talking about today!

21 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: Supernatural Deaths I’m Still Not Over

  1. I know that the way Bobby went, it was growth for the boys and for the show in general to see if/how they function without him, I was super not okay with his death. Charlie and Kevin I am still very much in denial and can’t take it because it was so unfair. I am 90% sure Dean will be bringing that up a LOT next season. The other death I wasn’t okay with was Ash. He had so much character, I really wanted to see more of how he could contribute to the Winchester cause. Ugh.

    Balthazar needs to come back and delete the titanic sinking from the universe again so we can see all these people alive and well. “Have you heard of Celine Dion? No? You’re welcome.”

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Same goes for the mentions in the comments! I will say that I love that this show can bring people back from the dead sometimes too. Which is why I’m hoping they find a way to bring Charlie back even though they gave her a hunter’s funeral.

  3. I was just saying on another blog how upset I was over Kevin and how SPN has a serious issue with pointless deaths (although people do often come back), diversity, and representation of women, I mean it’s got to a point now where I’m expecting any awesome women on the show to die (I LOVED Abaddon) I wouldn’t be surprised if they killed off Sheriff Jody next… oh SPN I love you but you got issues! xoxo

    1. I know what you mean. The fact that fans are so vocal about it, and that even people like Misha Collins have agreed with us makes their insisting on killing characters like Charlie really confusing and frustrating. I love Supernatural a lot, but it can really drive me bonkers. And oy, if they kill off Jody…I’ll be utterly destroyed.

  4. I didn’t want to make my post all over Supernatural deaths, but now I feel I should have. Tissues and more tissues!!! The show has a serious problem with fridging women and killing characters for no reason. But what I am ranting more about it’s fridging!! I get used and start loving a character and then boum..dead… like in: never to come back again! And then I get super mad at them. Cannot stop watching, but I cannot stop ranting about this either. I’d love the show to be better, ‘coz I know they can do better. I just wish they could stop writing cheap plots and killing off ppl like that… anyway… I stop the rant LOL (This was longer than expected… you know what happens when somebody starts talking about SPN!)

  5. So, I’m waaaay behind on Supernatural, but I think it’s largely because they started losing me after they killed off Jo. SO NOT COOL. I lost steam after that, crawled through a few more seasons, and never did get back into once Netflix put up the last season. (Now I’m waiting till the show ends entirely to watch from start to finish!)

  6. I was SOOOO pissed about Jo and Ellen. UGH. And while I haven’t seen the ep where Charlie dies, I already knew all about it because internet haha. I’m probably still going to cry. Uncool, Supernatural, uncool.

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