5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Things About Fall


This week’s Fandom 5 prompt has us talking about our favorite things about fall. A lot of girls get made fun of for their intense love of fall. I get this, and I know that being a white girl, sipping a PSL, wearing leggings and a long hoodie make me a bit of a stereotype, but here’s the thing: they also make me blissfully comfy. Have you ever actually had a pumpkin spiced latte? Maybe a salted caramel mocha? They’re delicious, you guys. And if you try to tell me that you don’t feel like you’re enveloped in a cloud of comfiness with your big shirt and leggings, I submit that you have never actually been comfy.

Fall is the best, and it’s the first welcomed respite from the hellish final days of summer. While many people are thrilled with sun, surf, and sand, and spend most of the summer enjoying the season…

spongebob beach

I spend my summer days at work, trying not to die from heat exhaustion and chronic heat-grumpiness.


So yeah, I’m pretty excited that it’s finally turning cooler and autumn is officially on its way. There are TONS of things that I love about fall (and winter), but these are most certainly my tops:


I can’t help it, I looooooove pumpkin flavored stuff. I’ve got a mean pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe, I love pumpkin spiced lattes, and really anything involving pumpkin. I always have big dreams of carving pumpkins (it’s yet to happen, BUT THIS YEAR FOR SURE!!!), and I always want to try crafts with pumpkins–and leaves. Since I live in Colorado, I don’t have to go far to see the beautiful fall colors as the Aspens change colors. Pumpkins and leaves alone would make fall the bees knees in my book, but I’ll let one of my favorite comedians, Iliza Shlesinger, explain it better:

Scarves and Sweaters


Though I tend to wear scarves of some sort all year round, I love when the weather is cool enough that I can pair up my favorite warm scarf with my favorite warm (usually oversized, since oversized = COMFY) sweater. Also, wearing big sweaters just makes you feel a bit cozier and a bit more comfortable during a long day at work rather than wearing a small, form-fitting, summer shirt. I’m all about comfiness up in here.

Hot Drinks

hot beverage

Since I have horrifically awful allergies, I tend drink hot drinks all year round. However, there is a certain, specific moment of bliss that I get when I drink something warm AND the weather is cold. If it’s snowing at the same time I might just lose my mind out of fall-bliss.

But the best thing about fall?

The end of the summer allergies/summer colds


The plants are dying! Goodbye pollen, goodbye summer allergies, summer sore throats, and summer colds! Say hello to…

….winter allergies and winter colds!

barney sick
womp, womp…

Ah well, at least in the midst of my suffering I can wear warm clothes and drink warm drinks without dying from heat stroke.

What are your favorite things about fall? Or, if you hate fall, let me know why in the comments! And, as always, check out my other Fandom 5 posts, and follow the #Fandom5 hashtag to see what everyone else is talking about today!

32 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Things About Fall

  1. My allergies have been the WORST this year so I’m kinda happy that winter is coming and also that I can cuddle up in all my scarves and hats again lol xoxo

  2. That Joey gif is everything. And man, I love that bit by Iliza! So true. I wish I could enjoy colder weather but I don’t get so much of it where I live. Just more heat and heat-grumpiness:P

  3. Excellent list! Agree on all, except the pumpkin yummies haha…apple yummies for me! And ugh, the dreaded winter cold. I get sick about fur times a year, and it’s always on the season change….I feel like I’m just waiting for a fall cold to show up!

  4. YES TO ALL OF IT there is nothing better than Autumn and Winter and your post has me even MORE excited (if that’s even possible) 😀 cozy clothes, holiday decorating, seasonal baking, heartier foods, GLITTER EVERYWHERE, holiday music ahhhh <3<3

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