Chatting with Gwenda Bond about Lois Lane: Double Down

A few months ago I read–and promptly fell in love with–Gwenda Bond’s first Lois Lane novel, Fallout. So when I heard about Gwenda writing a second Lois Lane novel, Double Down, I got incredibly excited. Check out the amazing working cover:

double down cover

Here’s a bit from the official press release:

DC Comics’ iconic character Lois Lane will be back for more in Lois Lane: Double Down, the second book in a new series from Switch Press, the Young Adult imprint of Capstone.  Following the success of the first book in the series, Lois Lane: Fallout, author Gwenda Bond returns with a new story of the adventures of a teenage Lois Lane, as she begins to discover her passion for journalism and become the character loved by generations of fans.

“Lois Lane is an icon, one of the most well-known and enduring figures in American pop culture–and for good reason,” says Bond. “She’s a hero all of us can relate to. It’s been a tremendous honor and a great pleasure to get to write about her in an all-new way, as a modern teenager, and I’m thrilled to be continuing her story in Double Down.”

Lois Lane has been an integral part of the cultural landscape since her first appearance in Action Comics #1 in 1938, which also introduced the world to Superman.  A Super Hero without superpowers, the character has been featured in a dizzying number of comic books, films, and television shows.

“Switch Press has been thrilled with the critical and fan response to Lois Lane: Fallout and we are all excited to see the series continue with Double Down,” said Miles Stevens-Hoare, Managing Director of Capstone’s Global Trade business. The Lois Lane series is produced through Capstone’s licensing partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Entertainment.

While press releases are great, I knew I had to chat with Gwenda about the book and see what bits of info we could squeeze from her. Luckily, Gwenda is always up for a chat about everyone’s favorite reporter, and we got to talk a bit about what we can expect from Ms. Lane in Double Down. Check it out:

Kendall: How much time has passed between Fallout and Double Down?

Gwenda: I like this – an easy one! About two weeks.

K: What do you think draws Lois to journalism rather than other justice-­focused careers like a cop, lawyer, or spy?

G: She’s a writer at heart, and always on the side of justice, as you say. With journalism, she never has to pick a side she might not be on otherwise, except to get to the bottom of the story and tell the truth that people need to know. As far as being a cop or a lawyer, she has a slight problem with following the rules that might pose more of a problem in either of those lines of work—not to mention a decided lack of patience. And as far as being a spy goes, can we imagine Lois obeying an order if she thought it was shady? Or standing by watching a bad guy get away with something? I don’t think so. ;­)

K: How has Lois’ life changed since Fallout?

G: So a lot of what we’ll see for Lois in Double Down is the complications of her finding her place in the world—namely, hanging onto it. She knows she wants to be a reporter doing big stories, but is having some trouble finding the next one when the book starts. She’s never really had friends before, and so when her new friendships do become tangled up in a story, she has trouble navigating that territory. And she feels like her relationship with her online friend might be evolving, but isn’t sure how to ask.

K: What kind of adventure can we expect in Double Down?

G: I think the last answer gets at this a little, but hopefully one with even higher stakes—both personal and professional—for Lois.

K: Of course this book is all about the AMAZING Lois Lane, but there’s a giant, Krypton­-shaped elephant in the room with SmallvilleGuy. Can we expect to hear more from him­­and maybe learn more about him in Double Down?

G: SmallvilleGuy is definitely a big part of Double Down. There is some developing drama and intrigue related to Strange Skies that poses a threat to him and to Lois, and through that we will learn more about The Inventor too. *twirls fingers*

K: Does Double Down have a release date yet?

G: It’ll be out May 1, 2016.

K: Anything else you want to say about Double Down?

G: Just that I’m so grateful for the enthusiastic reception to Fallout and the excitement for Double Down. I hope everyone loves this book just as much—or more!

Thanks SO MUCH to Gwenda for answering my questions. I am so incredibly excited about Double Down, and you should be, too! If you haven’t had a chance to read Fallout yet, go out and buy yourself a copy now. Lois has one amazing story to tell, and I can’t wait to read about her next adventure in Double Down!

Have you read Fallout? What did you think of it? What do you want to see in Double Down? Let me know what you think in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Chatting with Gwenda Bond about Lois Lane: Double Down

  1. I just finished Fallout and LOVED it. I can’t wait to check this one out!!!! I didn’t know anything about when I’d be able to get my hands on a sequel so I’m glad I came across your interview!

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