The Mary Sue Post: FTWD Recap, “Not Fade Away”

I’m back at The Mary Sue recapping last night’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead, and I’m happy to say that I finally, finally think the show is headed in a good direction! Sure, there were still some moments of questionable logic, but by the end of the episode, I found myself actually very excited about what next week would bring–and terribly, terribly nervous about the extreme blow it would be should this show not deliver on my expectations.

Are we finally getting the Walking Dead spin-off we’ve all been waiting for? Is the show finally tapping in to those exciting and troubling moral questions, the extreme survival, and the unimaginable odds?

I have no idea, honestly, and at this point I’m not particularly invested in the characters, but the story has started to hook me–which is how the obsession started with Walking Dead, story before characters (though now if you try to hurt Carol, Glenn, Maggie, or Daryl I WILL FIGHT YOU). So I’m excited to see what the last two episodes of this season. If they continue travelling the path they set out this week, we might have another stellar show on our hands. BUT I get more into this and more over at The Mary Sue. Here’s an excerpt (spoilers ahead, obvs):


This week’s episode jumped forward a few days, after the soldiers we met at the end of last week’s episode fully enclosed the neighborhood and cleared the immediate surrounding area of walkers. As we got the hint in last week’s episode, Travis is completely oblivious to the situation around him. He doesn’t want his kid to learn how to use a gun, he’s taking the trash to the curb like a good citizen, he’s getting his morning jog in, and he’s being super friendly and compliant with the super-sketchy soldiers—even calling them sir and acting as the community liason between the soldiers and the civilians. Travis is certain that now that the military has rolled in, things will only get better.

Oh, Travis. You sweet summer child.

Really though, Travis’ optimistic outlook on the future isn’t anything new. In every episode, he’s been blissfully naive and completely unwilling to journey into survival mode, despite all he’s seen. So the fact that he’s smiling and falling in line with his new, martial law-style life is not a huge surprise to me. Mercifully, it seems like we’ve seen the end of Optimistic Travis.

The unraveling begins when one of Travis’ neighbors, Doug, is pinged by the soldiers for his unwillingness to comply with the health check-ins. At the urging of the soldiers, Travis gives Doug a pep talk and encourages him to get the health check up and be strong for his family until life returns to normal. Though Doug does get checked out, the pep talk doesn’t exactly take…

Read the rest over at The Mary Sue and let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments! 

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