A Book for Geeky Business Owners

I’ve talked a bit about managing a full-time job and a blogging schedule, but what about if you’re trying to launch a geeky business? Selling products that are perfect for geeks is a unique task all its own. How do you make it work? How do you actually make money at a convention? Have I got a book for you:

Here’s a quick summary of the book:

The ultimate guide that walks you step-by-step through every major decision involved in launching your anime vendor business.
This information-rich book steers you through every critical step from sourcing your merchandise to ultimately meeting your goal of being swamped by customers at your very first anime convention. Bursting with unfiltered advice, insider tips, pertinent website resources and vendor disaster stories, new vendors will hurdle mistakes that caused others to crash and burn. Never before has anyone revealed so many insider secrets about the convention vendor business.

There are tons of unique aspects to starting a geeky businesses, and Selling to Heroes, Villains, and Geeks helps you sort through the world of selling stuff at conventions. While the real magic in your business is your idea, hopefully this book can help make convention season a bit more profitable for you and your growing business. If you’re interested in the book, head to the Anime Vendor website and enter the code “villains” to get 10% off on your book order!

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