Ways to Celebrate Halloween If You Hate Parties

I’m a pretty shy introvert. I like to stay in, hang out with a small group of friends rather than big groups, and I don’t mind being alone (I actually like it). But the thing is, I don’t live in an introvert’s paradise, so parties with people I hardly know and things like mingling with strangers is just a part of normal, human life–even if I suck at it.

people skills

Still, it’s Halloween, so even if you’re like me and will be avoiding clubs and crowded parties, you still want to celebrate the spookiest day of the year, right? So I have a few options for your Halloween festivities that don’t include smashing yourself into a crowded club dealing with things like this:

clubs are the worst


Horror Movie Marathon

scary movie

Sure, you can marathon some of your favorite scary flicks by yourself, but this one is more fun with at least one other person by your side. Make some tasty movie snacks, order a pizza, wear something spooky but comfy, and settle in for a night of cinematic horror. You can marathon some of your favorite series (Saw, Scream, Exorcist, Friday the 13th, Halloween, or Nightmare on Elm Street), you can stick to one filmmaker like Alfred Hitchock, a specific type of monster, or keep it light with some campy, craptastic horror. If you really want to be jumpy, keep your porch light on to welcome trick or treaters.

Enjoy Your Burrito


Chipotle annually participates in some Halloween festivities by encouraging burrito lovers to come in various costumes to get free or discounted burritos. For boorito season this year, if you add something unnecessary to your costume, you’ll get yourself a $3 burrito from 5 to close. Go by yourself, bring a friend or two, or be “that guy” and visit as many Chipotles as you can find in one, burrito-filled evening. You do you, bby.

Spooky Gaming Party


Whether you’re playing a tabletop game like Betrayal at House on the Hill, a Call of Cthulu game, or the darkly hilarious Gloom or you delve into console games like Left 4 Dead, Until Dawn, or The Evil Within, making your Halloween a gaming night is the perfect way to stay in, hang out with a few buds (either IRL or virtually) and still celebrate the season of spoopy. Extra points if you play in costume. Extra, EXTRA points if you play alone in your home, online on your gaming console in costume.

Pass Out Candy to Trick-or-Treaters

Will and Grace

It can be really fun to hold up in your home, wear a low key costume, and pass out treats to local kiddos. You get to see the adorable costumes the neighbor-kids are wearing and participate in the magical fun of a little one experiencing Halloween, without having to walk outside in the cold and try to manage full bladders, tired feet, and cranky attitudes.

Take Someone Trick or Treating (or go yourself)

Fez trick or treat

I didn’t trick-or-treat as a kid, so when I was sixteen or seventeen, a bunch of my friends took me trick-or-treating for the first time. It was a last minute decision, so we didn’t have costumes prepped. We raided my friends closet and cobbled together “hillbilly” costumes. We decided to go out late, so our candy haul was mostly Bit-O-Honeys and Jawbreakers, but I had a blast. Trick-or-treating is the best, so whether you’re dressing up and going door to door or taking a kiddo out, trick-or-treating is a great, low-key way to celebrate Halloween.

How are you going to be celebrating Halloween? Do you prefer to go to Halloween parties, or do you do something else to celebrate? Let me know your holiday plans in the comments! 

18 thoughts on “Ways to Celebrate Halloween If You Hate Parties

  1. We are having an introverts Halloween party with board games and handing out candy. Now to find a last minute couples costume… fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……….

  2. Opening up our front door and opening up a basket of goodies for trick or treaters. We have a two hour window for that activity and then it’s time to settle in for the telecast of the Notre Dame-Temple college football game. Temple is our local school who is undefeated and hasn’t started a season this well in their history. Big deal in these parts!

  3. Great list! I’m also an introvert (and mildly under the weather this year), so my gameplan is to order pizza and marathon horror flicks! We’re also planning to pass out candy to local kids.

  4. My 3 year old has a Halloween party we’re going to followed by trick-or-treating…should be a very fun night 🙂

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