5 Fandom Friday: Holiday Charity Wish List


It’s getting closer and closer to Christmas, and that means it’s time to start thinking about tasty holiday treats, decorations, traditions, and GIFTS. Of course, it’s always rad if you can get a gift that gives back. So I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite campaigns going on right now that give you a sweet tee, and gives your money to those who need it. Everybody wins.

Note: I should mention that Jared Padalecki’s Always Keep Fighting, Stephen Amell’s F*ck Cancer, and Paul Blackthorne’s wildlife campaigns are not represented here since their latest campaigns closed. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t kick off another one soon. So keep your eyes peeled for more from them, because those are all great cause to get behind.

 Supernatural‘s Misha Collins: My People Skills Are Rusty


Just about everyone in the Supernatural family has heard of Misha Collins’ charity, Random Acts, dedicated helping those in need, spreading random acts of kindness around the world. While Random Acts’ banner event is the ridiculous GISHWHES, the organization works year-round to help people in need. If you want to help Random Acts continue helping people around the globe while simultaneously letting folks know you’re a bit awkward around humans, this is the shirt for you. Head to Creation Stands to grab yourself a tee.

Cara Delevigne: The Future Is Female

Cara D

Cara has been all over the place recently, and she’s using her increased presence for good with her Represent campaign. If you want to get yourself a pullover or tee to support her campaign, all proceeds will go to the awesome organization, Girl Up, which supports girls across the globe. Head to her Represent page to join in and help out!

Supernatural‘s Osric Chau: Choose Your Weapon

Choose Your Weapon

Osric Chau, everyone’s favorite prophet, has been teaming up with Misha Collins’ Random Acts quite frequently lately, even travelling with Misha and RA to Nicaragua. While there are a couple of Osric Random Acts shirts available (for instance, if you’ve been dying for a shirt with Mermaid Osric on it, I’ve got some great news for you), this one is probably my favorite. If you want to get your hands on a Kevin tee and support Random Acts, head over to Creation Stands!

Harry Potter‘s Emma Watson: HeForShe


If we know one thing, it’s that when Hermoine Granger gets fired up about a cause, she puts her all into it. Emma Watson has teamed up with the UN to head up their movement for gender equality across the globe. She’s caused quite a stir since starting up HeForShe, so I’m sure you’ve heard about it. While you can just straight up donate to the organization, you can also support the organization by buying a shirt with their official logo on it.

Supernatural‘s Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster: Wayward Daughters Academy

wayward daughters

And, of course, I couldn’t forget the newest fandom campaign I’ve learned about–and the one I’m currently most excited about. Everyone’s fave cop buds, Sheriff Donna and Sheriff Jody, have teamed up IRL to channel the fandom’s secret desire for a Jody and Donna-led spinoff, Wayward Daughters (seriously, if you haven’t heard people talk about what Wayward Daughters could be like as a show, poke around the interwebz–forget Bloodlines, Wayward Daughters is the SPN spinoff I need). The Wayward Daughters Academy campaign also supports Random Acts, and their efforts to support women and girls who are homeless or at-risk. If you want to join in with the Sheriffs, head to Creation Stands to get a shirt (bonus: if you get one before December 13 at 11:59, you’re entered to win a prize) (bonus bonus: this campaign won’t last forever–it ends 12/18).

Are you excited about any fandom-related charity campaigns? What are they? Tell me about it–with links!!!–in the comments! And, as always, check out my other Fandom 5 posts, and follow the #Fandom5 hashtag to see what everyone else is talking about today! Plus, be sure to follow me on Instagram as there’s another #5FFPhoto challenge happening this month (courtesy of the awesome Kristen and Megan). 

13 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: Holiday Charity Wish List

    1. Thanks! I’m really excited about Wayward Daughters. I think they’re a really exciting group (and I hope it leads to an actual spin-off, that’d be rad). I got a tee this morning, and I can’t wait to get it!

  1. I absolutely adored your approach to this prompt. And thanks for turning me on to new charities/t-shirts. And I am SO WITH YOU on the wayward daughters spin off. That needs to happen yesterday.

    Also, the link to the WD t-shirts actually just links back to this post. ;P

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