Getting Sorted Into Slytherin Isn’t a Bad Thing

I’m sure you’ve heard the rumbling around the Harry Potter fandom. After the re-launch of Pottermore, many fans have discovered that the Sorting Hat quiz was re-invented as well. Many of us took it, and the results shook us to our core. Sure, maybe we fudged our answers the first time around and took the new Sorting Hat quiz a bit more honestly, but c’mon! Not only did I get sorted out of the house I wanted to be in (I remember a certain bespectacled, scar-bearing young wizard who once told the Sorting Hat his house preference and the Hat acquiesced, after all), but my results shocked me.


Slytherin??? How did I manage to get sorted into a house who touts alums like Bellatrix LeStrange, the Malfoys, Horace Slughorn, Dolores Umbridge, and Lord Voldemort himself??? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR ME???

After a great deal of introspection and research into my house, I’ve decided the match is definitely a natural one–and you should be proud to be sorted Slytherin. Pottermore told me so.

If you’ve found yourself thrust into a Potterhead identity crisis because you’ve been sorted into Slytherin, I’ve got some things to help you deal with your new house–and hopefully build some house pride.

will and grace

I mean, if nothing else, green and silver is far easier to work into an outfit than scarlet and gold, blue and bronze, or yellow and black, right?

Being sorted into Slytherin does not mean you’re evil.

Slytherin gang

I feel like this one needs to be said first. Yes, Slytherins can have a bad reputation, but that’s not true of every Slytherin–and we’re not the only house with unsavory characters in our history–though you can definitely use Slytherin’s spooky reputation to freak out others. In reality though, our house traits are being cunning, resourceful, creative, ambitious, and having a strong sense of brotherhood/sisterhood. That means for every awful wizard out there, we also have people like the brave yet troubled Severus SnapeAndromeda Tonks, Regulus Black, and even freaking Merlin. Even Harry Potter was about to be sorted Slytherin before he threw a bit of a fit over it. Slytherin doesn’t make you good or evil–that’s up to you. Really, Slytherin just needs a new publicist.

Slytherins Are Fiercely Loyal


While Gryffindor gets all the press for brotherhood thanks to Ron, Harry, and Hermoine’s exploits, the house actually known for fraternity is Slytherin. Slytherins look out for their own, and while they may not be as welcoming to anyone who corsses their path like a Hufflepuff, once you’re in with a Slytherin, you’re in for life. Plus, while Slytherins are ambitious, they don’t climb over their own to get to the top.

Slytherins Play By Their Own Rules, But We Make a Lucid Plan First


Slytherins are cunning, ambitious, and creative, which means strict and firm rules tend to really stifle us. We like to blaze our own trails and bend (and sometimes break) the rules. We like to think outside the box, and implement our creativity into our ambition. Of course, unlike our Gryffindor friends, we don’t act before we think. Slytherins have a significant self-preservation instinct, so we like to take time to weigh the options before making a move. We won’t be swayed by emotion or peer pressure–we blaze our own trails, and we take the time to blaze the trail the right way the first time.

Being Sorted Slytherin Means You Work Hard To Achieve Greatness


If you read the welcome note on Pottermore, it says that one of the things Salazar Slytherin looked for in his students was seeds of greatness. Now sure, that can go awry quite easily, feeling destined for greatness, but it’s also the catalyst to do a lot of good in the world. While we all may not be looking to become the Greatest Wizard Ever, it does mean that Slytherins set lofty goals for themselves, and they put in the hours and the work to achieve those goals.

Some of Us Can Talk to Snakes


Hey, being a parselmouth looks great on a resume…

Did you take the new Pottermore Sorting Hat quiz? Were you sorted into another house? How do you feel about it? Are you a Slytherin? Why do you love being in Slytherin? Let me know in the comments! 


20 thoughts on “Getting Sorted Into Slytherin Isn’t a Bad Thing

  1. I never took the original Pottermore quiz, but I also got Slytherin and didn’t know what to think at first either. I sat down and read a lot about the houses and realized that Slytherin was, in fact, the perfect fit for me.

  2. I did re-take it and got Ravenclaw this time around instead of Gryffindor. And I too am having a crisis about haha. It’s just, I always aspired to BE a Ravenclaw, but don’t feel I measure up! I procrastinate too much, and don’t feel like I commit to things enough to be a Ravenclaw. I feel like Gryffindor suits me better, so I still feel like a Gryffindor at heart.

    1. I’m in the exact same situation – Gryffindor no more. I’ve always liked the idea of being a Ravenclaw, but felt more like a Gryffindor – I’m intelligent, but not THAT intelligent. Saying that.. Luna Lovegood was always the character I related with the most.

  3. I typically get Ravenclaw but I was surprised that I got Hufflepuff this time. Yet after reading about the school it is quiet fitting that i’m a very loyal friend and when you make me mad be prepared for the shit storm that is about to unleash. All this time…all this time I thought I was a Ravenclaw.

      1. I agree! I think it is a good house. After reading about it more I found it is actually that undercurrent of the school. If you think about it. Hufflepuffs look like meek individuals, much like the calm of the ocean. Once you push them too far they become fierce undertows pulling you under and fighting till the end to protect friends and loved ones. Not out of duty but rather for doing the right thing. I was kind of amazing and completely forgot that Cedric Digory was a Hufflepuff.

  4. I love Slytherin but I got Gryffindor xDDDD So, I was shocked…. I mean… come on! xDDDD Still, I think my heart goes with Slytherin. So I keep my snake ring 😉

  5. I was Slytherin the first time and never felt like it. I was looking into getting resorted and got Slytherin again. I would honestly be anything other than Slytherin. I always figured Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. I get that not all Sytherins are horrible people, but still I’m not sure any other house has as many support groups for just getting sorted in.

  6. I’m at a total identity crisis- I’ve taken the test every year and have literally gotten all four houses at some point! I feel like a Slytherclaw- I’m really smart, organized, a list-maker, and I follow the rules- like a Ravenclaw, but at the same time I’m pretty un-empathetic, cunning, and witty, like a Slytherin…
    There’s nothing wrong with being a Slytherclaw, but I really want an exact house… please help!

    1. I’m probably also Slytherclaw if we were doing house mash ups. Maybe just take the test again and stick with whatever it gives you, or look at the house traits and see which attributes are most important. So is your search for knowledge #1 for you or is it another house attribute? I’d also recommend taking the Ilvermorny sorting. I feel like taking both house sortings into account can help you feel more represented. But really, just have fun with it!

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