Let’s Wildly Speculate About the Rogue One Teaser!

It’s been quieter around here on the blog, and that is because for the past two weeks I’ve been backpacking across the UK, France, and Italy! The trip was AMAZING, and I’m definitely going to be talking about it more here (though you can see some geeky travel tips I compiled over at Geek & Sundry), but we’ve got something WAY more important to talk about first: THE FIRST ROGUE ONE TEASER HAS DROPPED!!!


Okay, let’s take a peek one at the trailer. I’m sure you’ve already watched it by now, but one more viewing is probably best, right?

What We Know About the Movie

  • The movie is set between Episode III and Episode IV
  • Felicity Jones’ character is called Jyn Erso. She’s apparently been super busy during the rebellion.
  •  The story centers on the rebels who stole the plans for the Death Star.
  • We’ve got a young Mon Mothma, people!

Aaaand…that’s about it. That’s really all we know for sure. We don’t even know other major character names. But since this is the internet, let’s do what we internet-folk do best and wildly speculate on what’s to come based on under two minutes of footage!

Rogue One
Image credit: Disney

This movie definitely seems to have a grittier feel than the other Star Wars movies. Not only is Jyn is a bit rougher around the edges than characters like our other protagonists like Luke or Rey, the story itself is more of an underground, battlefield-level mission. I’m definitely a HUGE fan of that, and I think that a story with a bit of a different tone will just serve to make the universe larger. So what do I think we’ll see in this movie?

We’ll meet young Han Solo. Officially, this actor’s not been cast, but we do know that his standalone movie is on the way and that they’re actively casting for it. Rumors have been swirling about who’s been cast (my favorite rumor is Taron Egerton, though he may not be game for that role), but it stands to reason that the reason they’re rushing with the Solo casting is to introduce him in Rogue One. I’d totally be for that.

What about Chewie, then? I know we’re kind of acting like the prequel trilogy doesn’t exist with the new Star Wars series, but since Chewie was in Episode III, I’d say it’s totally possible that we’d see him in Rogue One. However, he wasn’t paired with Han in Episode III, so we ~could~ see the two meet for the first time if Han’s in Rogue One. The origin story for one of my favorite bromances ever? Yes, please!

The Jyn and Rey Theory. It hasn’t taken long for the internet to cook up a CRAZY theory tying Jyn to The Force Awakens‘ Rey. Rey was left on Jakku by her parents, and one of my favorite theories on Rey’s parentage is that Luke is her father. So the question is, who is Rey’s mom? Well the bets are in calling Jyn Rey’s mom. Not knowing anything about Jyn, I’m a fan of this theory for now. Of course, if Jyn is Luke’s baby momma, does that mean that…

We’ll meet the young Luke? I’m dubious on that front. As far as I know, we’re not in for a young Luke movie (I mean, how exciting can a movie be that’s about moisture farming and whining about going to Tosche Station), and both Luke and Mark Hamill were pretty young in A New Hope. I’m betting that, even if she does end up with Luke, that action will happen off-camera. But I could be wrong there.

Is Jyn going to go Dark Side? There’s a pretty striking image of Jyn in an Imperial uniform with the voiceover asking who she’ll be. However, it really seems way too obvious for me. I think they’re trying to make us think there’s a chance she’ll cross over to work for the Imperial Army, but she likely won’t. My bet is that she’s actually on an undercover mission.

Will we meet other characters from the original trilogy? We know from the trailer that we’ll see a young Mon Mothma. But outside from her and a potential appearance from Han (and maybe Chewie too?), can we expect to see others? I’d love to see an appearance from Leia and Boba Fett, (though we run into the same issue as we did with Luke based on both Leia and Carrie Fisher’s age in New Hope), and with a Boba Fett movie in the works as well, maybe we’ll get a cameo from our favorite bounty hunter.

Regardless of what we’re in for with Rogue One, the trailer looks AMAZING and I cannot wait to see what is in store for us when the movie hits theaters in December. What are your theories for Rogue One? Let me know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Let’s Wildly Speculate About the Rogue One Teaser!

  1. Watching this trailer was literally the first thing I did this morning. I love how the internet is already pulling it all apart. So happy for young Mon Mothma, she looks great. And… Asian in Star Wars woooo!

  2. The trailer has me SO excited. The thought of potentially seeing Chewie and Han meet for the first time…my little heart can’t even take it 🙂 Not to mention Jyn looks BAD ASS!

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