Everyday Cosplay: Negan

By now, I’m betting that most of you have seen the season finale of The Walking Dead (and don’t freak out if not, no spoilers in this post), and I’m assuming Negan captivated you as quickly as he captivated me. I mean, it wasn’t a pleasant captivated, not by a long shot.

jeffrey dean morgan shrug

Negan is hella terrifying, and a SUPER bad guy–but he’s a bad guy that you just can’t forget. I think he’s the most formidable foe that the group has faced since the Governor. Plus, he’s played by Poppa Winchester, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, happily bringing the Supernatural universe together with the Walking Dead universe.

While this season may have ended on a CRAZY cliffhanger, I just couldn’t manage to shake Negan. Since I couldn’t get him out of my subconscious, I decided I’d commemorate his part in my stress dreams by creating a Negan-inspired everyday cosplay look. Take a peek:

Everyday Negan



What did you think of Negan? Do you think he’s the toughest enemy Rick and the gang have faced yet, or do you think someone else is? Let me know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Everyday Cosplay: Negan

  1. I haven’t watched The Walking Dead for a few seasons (too many shows!) but I love me some Poppa Winchester, so I’m planning on picking it up again. I couldn’t resist watching Negan’s scene from this season though, I thought it was terrifying!!

  2. As one of the few people who doesn’t watch The Walking Dead I don’t know a thing about Negan (other than he has a cool name :D) but I’d wear the crap out of that outfit!

    1. Negan’s a baaaaaaad dude, but I’m right there with ya. When I first saw him onscreen I was like, “Damn, Negan, back at it again with the leather jacket!” Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I referenced that meme…

      Really though, I like his fashion sense a lot.

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