Ways to Deal After the Captain America News

If you haven’t heard the news about the craziness Marvel is pulling with the Captain America comics, check out the write up I did about it over at Nerdist (did I mention I write for Nerdist now, too? Because I totally do…). If you don’t want to hear the big Cap twist, turn back now because I’m about to get into it. Spoilers ahoy, kids.

cap salute

Okay, so by now you’ve likely heard that Captain America is being revealed as a long-standing undercover agent for Hydra. Understandably, the internet is freaking out over Marvel taking the most noble, truly good, and brave character from it’s universe and completely ruining everything that we love about him. Cap has a long and storied history of being one of the few characters who is 100% good. Watching Marvel kind of ruin that legacy by putting him on Team Hydra has been hard to watch for all of us–even Chris Evans himself.


Okay, so that wasn’t his actual reaction the Cap/Hydra news… This was Chris’ actual reaction to the complete destruction of the character of the First Avenger:

Of course there are loads of theories on why we don’t need to freak out about this whole Cap/Hydra business, but until reality is restored it’s gonna be tough for those of us on #TeamCap to deal with this heartbreaking reveal. So I’ve got some ways to help you handle Marvel’s decision to remind us all that we just can’t have nice things.

 Deny, Deny, Deny


Bad Cap can’t get you if you pretend he doesn’t exist…*rocks self and hums quietly*

Say It With Me: Not MY Cap!

Okay, but really, this is the Cap we all know and love, right?

Good Guy Cap

If you don’t even want to mess around with the new Hydra-Cap, and you don’t even want to see how Marvel tries to make this right, then just don’t even buy into it. Stick with MCU Cap and pre-Steve Rogers: Captain America #1 Cap. Sure, you know it exists, but just ignore it. You know, treat Hydra-Cap like an annoying person at a party and pretend to be on your phone when you pass it in the comic book store. That always works.

Re-Join the Hail Hydra Meme Train

Remember the hail Hydra memes that came out after Winter Soldier released?

hail hydra

Super fun, right? Well now that Marvel has cursed us with this abomination:

Image credit: Marvel

…it looks has though the meme has been reborn from the pile of old meme ashes and fan tears. Why not jump on board and channel your rage and heartbreak into internet memes? I’m sure that’s healthy…

Enjoy the New “Let’s Ruin Cap Together” Meme

Since everything we love about Cap is arguably gone (I know, I know, his Hydra stint could be a ca-razzzayyy twist, but for now I’m allowed to feel sad), why not join together as an internet community and ruin Cap in a way that feels more palatable than having him revealed as a member of the group that tortured and brainwashed his best friend? Nothing is more beautiful than watching the internet is fight back to the whole Hydra business by joining hands to ruin him together:

Ultimately, whether it’s denial, ignoring, or humor, we can all get through this Darkest Timeline together. After all, supporting each other when our faves get ruined is what the internet is for, right?

Cap Internet.gif

How are you dealing with the Cap news? What do you think of the Hydra twist? Let’s have a Cap therapy session in the comments! 

11 thoughts on “Ways to Deal After the Captain America News

  1. lol I do love how the internet has responded by adding their own version of “Well, if cap is suddenly an asshole for no reason, lets at least make it funny.” This is one time where the internet actually made me feel better, yea!

  2. Actually, I’ve never been a big reader or collector of Captain America comics. But I with all the fuss I read about this new issue over the last few days, I thought I’d check it out. Frankly, I didn’t like the art, and wasn’t all that fussed about the story either tbh. It just seems more like its been done for shock value, and no doubt the status quo will be restored eventually. Did this issue make me want to read Captain America or add it to my pull list? No.

    1. Yep. I think it was definitely a choice made to drive comic book sales, which is too bad. It definitely didn’t make we want to add it to my pull, even “just to see what all the fuss was about”. But I agree, I think they’ll make it right very soon.

  3. Sticking with Deny Deny Deny haha. Honestly, I am really picky with so many of the mainstream comics. I feel like in many cases, the storylines are grasping at straws so I actually don’t read a lot of mainstream superhero comics. I’ll put all my love into MCU Cap instead!

    1. Yeah, I really am nearly certain they’re gonna do something to undo this whole storyline, so I’m not getting too worried. I still don’t like it and I think it’s kind of crapping on his legacy, but I’m denying that it’s real–or at least lasting lol. But I’m with you on being picky on comics–though that might be driven largely by a small bank account. lol!

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