In Which I Get Coffee at Luke’s Diner

I didn’t ever really watch Gilmore Girls when it was on the air. I remember watching it in college because ABC Family (or whatever it was called in the late aughts) used to air four hour blocks of the show in the afternoons when I’d have breaks from class, but they never played the episodes in order so even though I enjoyed the episodes I watched, I didn’t ever really follow the story.

When the revival was announced, I had several friends who were super stoked about the show coming back, and were shocked that I’d never watched. So after a fair amount of friendly bullying–and a friend actually coming to my house to force me to start the show by watching the first four episodes with me–I started watching Gilmore Girls, and was totally hooked. I’m not through the entire show, but I’m in the third season. It’s still weird for me to call Sam Winchester Dean


…and I sometimes like to think of Gilmore Girls as this weird Supernatural side story where Sam gets left behind in Stars Hollow while Dean and his dad are hunting, I’m obsessed. So when I found out that Netflix was installing pop up Luke’s Diners all over the country, I had to see if there would be one in my city. While I figured there would only be shops in New York and LA, I was stoked to find one near me. So I got up early…really early…


…and headed to my local Luke’s before work. It was a really good thing that I was getting up early with the sole purpose of grabbing coffee.


Seriously. I woke up like an hour and a half early for this. Caffeine was a MUST. When I arrived, the Luke’s sign was right out front, and it was just adorable.


There were LOADS of women out front getting pictures of the sign, awkwardly trying to take selfies of themselves with the sign (and then other people jumping in to help take a picture for that person). It was adorable. Even better, all of the baristas were wearing flannel with backwards hats.


I think this actually was the uniform for the day. All of the hats said Netflix on them, so I’m guessing they were provided to the staff of all the pop up diners. But even better than the snappy outfits, there was a barista who really tried to channel Luke when he interacted with the customers–crusty but loveable (what I’d like on my tombstone, btw). It was great. While the shop itself (Kawa Coffee, for those curious) was adorable, they also added a few things to make the place feel more like Stars Hollow.


Really, the only thing missing was a town trubador. But the entire environment was great. Everyone was really friendly, and it was the perfect place to sit and read, like a true Gilmore.

Gilmore book.jpg

While there weren’t any stars of the show in my coffee shop–apparently Scott G. Patterson hit up some LA versions of Luke’s Diner–it was still wonderful. It was so fun to get to spend some time in Luke’s and feel like a true Gilmore, if only for a bit. It felt just like you’d expect Luke’s to feel, and since just about everyone there was in the shop to celebrate their Gilmore love, it really felt like a small, tight-knit community like Stars Hollow. It was amazing. I’m so hoping they do this again in the future, because I’m already missing Luke’s.

Check out them sleepy, 6AM eyes!

Did you hit up a Luke’s Diner today? Tell me about it in the comments!

3 thoughts on “In Which I Get Coffee at Luke’s Diner

  1. So cool! I haven’t really watched Gilmore Girls but it’s been something on my to-watch list forever. It was really cool to see Luke’s Diner show up before the revival. What a great way to honor fans and get people excited for the reunion.

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