Making 2017 a Healthier Year with Geek Girl Strong

If you’ll remember from my big “New Year’s resolution” post, I didn’t really do much in the way of New Year’s resolutions. I didn’t pick a word of the year, and I didn’t make that many clear resolutions. Instead, I wanted this year to be a year where I fought back against the negativity, unhealthiness, and injustice in my own life and those around me. After a year of struggling with both my mental and physical health, one of my big ways to fight back in 2017 is making healthier habits.

If you’ve been around here long, you’ll know that I do ballet several times a week. I love it, but apart from choosing to strap on my pointe shoes a few times a week, I don’t make many other healthy choices. And while there are many awesome gyms like NerdStrong in LA, I don’t have as many cool options like that in Colorado. That’s why I’m super excited about the Geek Girl Strong challenge that is kicking off on February 19th and runs through the 25th. If you live in NYC, chances are you’ve already interacted with these awesome women, but now those of us outside of the Big Apple will also get a chance to join in the fun.


What I love about this challenge is it’s meant to train you to make healthier lifestyle choices, not to drop a crazy amount of weight in a super short time. This is truly something that teaches you to care for yourself so you can feel better every day, and helping you find your own inner, superhero strength. I’m all about that.

Geek Girl Strong is headed up by Stormy Riot, and she’ll be spending those weeks sending out weekly emails, offering webinar invites, an invitation to the Live 1up Results Master Class, and give you access to the growing and supportive Geek Girl Strong community, among other things. Plus, I’ve also heard that the workouts have marvelously fun, nerdy themes to really help you get into that superhero frame of mind. It’ll be a time to learn, support one another, and ask those questions you’ve been dying to ask about taking care of yourself.

I’ll be joining in the fun, and you should too! If money is an issue, don’t freak out. This is a pay-what-you-can online challenge, so don’t let a tapped out bank account be the barrier between you and realizing what a badass superhero you truly are! I’m really excited to take part in this challenge, and I’d love it for you to join me!

Have you ever tried the Geek Girl Strong Challenge before? What tips do you have for a newbie? Let me know (and tell me if you’re taking part this year) in the comments! 

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