The First Trailer For the Will & Grace Revival Is Here!

Earlier this year, it was announced that Will & Grace would be coming back to television, and I was THRILLED. I love Will & Grace, and I was so excited to see my friends again after all of these years (even though I did have a handful of demands for the writers).

Since then, I’ve been obsessively following the Will & Grace Facebook and Twitter, and was rewarded today with the first sort-of trailer for the new season. Here it is if you haven’t seen it just yet:

Since Sean Hayes, Megan Mullally, Eric McCormack, and Debra Messing are all still pretty close, it’s immediately apparent that their old chemistry is still very much in tact. And honestly, that’s the heart of the show right there. I’m totally fine with people growing (and from a joke about Jack and his “blue pill”, it seems the show will not shy away from talking about the gang aging), but that bond is what keeps me watching.

Of course one thing I found interesting was their repeated line of “it’s like we never said goodbye”. It got me thinking: is that just a marketing tactic to say it’s the same show you’ve always loved, and it will feel like picking up right where you left off with an old, loved friend? OR are they hinting at the story line?

The original series ended in a pretty definitive place. Will ended up marrying and having a kid with his adorable cop boyfriend, Vince. Grace got back together with Leo, and they raised their kid together. Jack ends up with his bestie Karen (and Beverly Leslie’s fortune after Beverly was killed due to being swept off his balcony by a strong breeze). And even more precious, Will and Vince’s son ends up falling in love and marrying Grace and Leo’s daughter. The show ended with the four reuniting, implying that they’d spend the rest of their lives together. I thought it was cute, and a fun way to end the show.

WG finale.gif

While some people did take issue with various bits of how the story ended, the story did end. Unlike some other sitcom endings (like Parks and Rec, for instance), they really didn’t leave us with any loose ends. And since the finale zoomed the story so far into Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen’s future, they didn’t leave a real opening for “continued stories”. And as for their lives between Leo and Grace first reuniting to that final shot together, the finale makes it clear that Will and Grace are pretty estranged from the moment Leo re-enters Grace’s life. So are will the revival just retcon Will & Grace’s relationship to say they were actually closer than the finale made us think? Or are they pretending it never happened? Or is this new trailer leaving us a hint? If the show is continuing “like they never said goodbye”, then are they just erasing the events that set the show’s finale in motion? Are they maybe just going to pretend like it never happened?

Who knows honestly, but this is one show where I really trust the writers. If their initial W&G reunion for the “Vote, Honey” skit is any indication, the Will & Grace writers know still how to tell a legit and believable story in that universe. And ultimately, as long as the gang still has the love for one another that they had back when the show was originally on the air, I’m in. So while we wait for the show’s fall premiere, please enjoy this adorable tribute to Jack and Karen.

What do you think of the trailer for the Will & Grace revival? What do you  hope to see when the show returns this fall? Tell me what you think in the comments!

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