Denver Comic Con 2017 Recap

Another Denver Comic Con has come and gone. This year’s convention was outstanding, with a great lineup of some great panels, and the convention floor was bigger than it’s ever been. While I spent a day doing a lot of interviews (some of which I’ll post later and one you can find at Nerdist) and a day at home nursing a migraine, I wasn’t able to attend as many panels as I wanted to. Still, the panels I got to check out were nothing short of fantastic. I live-tweeted the panels I attended, which you can see on my Twitter, as well as under the hashtag #KenAtTheCon. But now on to panel recaps!

James and Oliver Phelps


I’ve never had the chance to see a panel with any of the stars from the Harry Potter universe. After getting to check out Hogwarts at Universal Studios earlier this year, I was incredibly stoked when James and Oliver Phelps were announced as official DCC guests. And while it’s been quite some time since Deathly Hallows Part II released (Oliver and James are 31 now!!!), they both seemed to have a great deal of love for both the series and is fans.

I was pretty surprised to see how reserved James (in the plaid shirt) was. He was incredibly sweet, but Oliver definitely was the brother who talked more and cracked more jokes during the panel. While the brothers talked a lot about their IRL roles in the Potterverse–like that Oliver was sorted Gryffindor and James Hufflepuff, and that James’ patronus was a bird of prey when he really wanted a hedgehog–they also took to dispelling some Tumblr rumors. Specifically, they addressed the rumor that when James “died”, Oliver got really freaked out about acting like his brother was dead, started crying, said something about being sad at the thought of his brother dying, and the two shared a beautiful hug while the cast and crew cooed clapped for them.

Sorry kids, but that didn’t happen.

In actuality, Oliver and the other cast members went to lunch, and left James behind, napping on the stretcher. So I guess Oliver is a bit more like George than we thought, eh?

In fact, they even told us that they performed a prank on someone in the Potter cast (not Rupert, he was in on it apparently) that was so epic that it caused the victim to have to change their phone numbers and email addresses. But why didn’t they divulge the victim’s name or more details about the prank? Apparently, the victim of the IRL Weasley twins still doesn’t know they were pranked–or at least, who did it. Intrigue!


Of course, the most important part of the panel was when James talked about how much he loved real books over Kindles, but how he still loved Kindle…which I promptly tweeted out as a comment about me.

Professional journalist here, folks.

Kate Mulgrew

IMG_2328 Now I’ll be really honest (and don’t hate me). I’ve never seen Star Trek: Voyager. I’m actually pretty woefully behind on my Star Trek knowledge. Still, Carrie Fisher was supposed to appear at DCC this year, so I kind of felt like I had to see the panel of another female trailblazer in science fiction. And even though I’ve never seen Voyager or Orange Is the New Black (I know, I know, I’m the worst), I’m so glad I attended her panel. She spent the entire time talking about the obstacles she overcame to become Captain Janeway, and how important it was to her that the first female Captain be a truly badass one. She was keenly aware of how important her role in Voyager was, and she didn’t take it lightly for a second. You could really tell how happy it made her to see people of all ages coming to her panel and telling her how important Janeway was to them. She also was really eager to give advice to young girls wanting to break into show business. And while it was directed at aspiring actors, it could definitely apply to all of us:

And if you were curious, yes, I am definitely going to start watching Voyager ASAP.

Mille Bobby Brown


Because of the interviews I had scheduled on Friday, I was unable to see the panel featuring Gaten Matarazzo and Caleb McLaughlin (Dustin and Lucas from Stranger Things). So I was determined to not miss the panel featuring Eleven herself on Saturday! She came to DCC straight from shooting Godzilla: King of Monsters, but she still was full of so much energy. Even though she’s only thirteen, she was keenly aware of how important events like DCC are to her fans. While they made it SUPER clear that she couldn’t talk about Stranger Things season 2 at all (you can head to Nerdist to see my masterpost on everything we know about the second season), she was able to give us a glimpse into life on the set. First off, she’s apparently best friends with Will Byers himself, Noah Schnapp. She also made it clear that she was not the victim of pranks, but she was decidedly the perpetrator. In fact, she let us know that she had a doozy of a prank in the works for her Godzilla co-stars. So…I guess check social media for news of an epic prank courtesy of Eleven herself?

Additionally, Mille channeled Eleven’s badassery on the Stranger Things set, and said that she was never frightened on set. However, everyone on set didn’t have her lack of fear of the demogorgon. Specifically, the actor who played Mike’s younger sister. You can’t blame her for being scared of the demogorgon. He’s a super scary dude, right?

To help keep the little girl at ease, the cast and crew told her that the demogorgon was actually a Monster’s Inc. monster who ate apples, and definitely didn’t devour people in a spooky upside-down world….Definitely not that…

Felicia DayIMG_2343

My picture of Felicia is a bit blurry, because I wasn’t able to get super close. Why? Because ev-ery-bo-dy wanted into this panel. Seriously, the line to get in to see her was huge. I heard rumors that they even had to turn some people away because there wasn’t room for all of the interested parties. So why were people so stoked to meet with Felicia? Because she’s a freaking delight. I had the opportunity to meet Felicia back when her book, You’re Never Weird On the Internet came out, and she had a book signing at Tattered Cover.


When I met her at the signing, I was shocked at how intentional she was to take a few moments with each person, and made each of us feel like we were the first person she hung out with that night. She did the exact same thing at her DCC panel. Even though she was talking to a huge theater (that she couldn’t totally see because she didn’t wear her glasses), she made us all feel like we were all just hanging out in her living room (in a totally not creepy way). She told us funny, self-deprecating stories, like the time she saw Ryan Gosling in a restaurant, knew she recognized him from somewhere, but the first place her mind went was that they had to have had acting class together (they had not).

She also shared her thoughts on The Guild, as the show is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year. She talked about intentionally not getting Codex and Zaboo together because she wanted to highlight that men and women can just be friends, and nothing more. She also talked about how important the fans were to the creation of The Guild. If you’ve read her book or read about the show online, you’ll know that The Guild was always a home-grown operation. It was a ton of work for everyone, and a huge undertaking. But Felicia said that seeing how much it impacted fans kept her going, even when it got hard. I’ve heard that there will be a Guild 10th anniversary panel at San Diego Comic Con this year, but it was great to hear Felicia share her perspective as the brains behind the whole operation.

But don’t worry, Supernatural fans. She did speak about everybody’s fave hacker, Charlie. [spoiler alert warning] A fan asked her if she’d be game for ever returning to Supernatural. With the alternate universes opening up, the possibility has also opened up to see some long-dead characters again. We already got a glimpse at alternate Bobby, so what’s to stop us from seeing alternate-Charlie? While nothing is set in stone or official, Felicia was super enthusiastic at the prospect of any kind of a return. Cross your fingers!


Were you at Denver Comic Con this year? What was your favorite part? Do you have any convention plans this year? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Denver Comic Con 2017 Recap

  1. DCC sounds like it was amazing – so many interesting Panels. I would have loved to have sat in on the Weasley Twins, they sound like so much fun.

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