Let’s Talk About San Diego Comic Con

If you’ve been following this blog or my Twitter, you’ll know what I headed over to San Diego Comic Con for the first time last week (or two weeks ago…it’s a blur, really). I came home and practically collapsed with exhaustion.


But while I was there, I did a bit of reporting for Nerdist at the convention, so here are links to some of the con-related stuff I wrote:

I’ll be really honest with you, though I made a pact with my friend Amelia last year that we’d hit up SDCCC 2017 regardless of our ability to obtain a press pass, I felt really anxious about attending the convention. The lines are LONG, there are SO MANY PEOPLE, and I just felt like I would show up and make an utter ass of myself. And while there were some…learning experiences, I’m so glad I pushed myself to attend. Here were some of the event’s highlights:

The Her Universe Fashion Show

Guys. This event was outrageoulsy wonderful. I had the opportunity to cover it as press (I did some live-tweeting on my Twitter), and I was blown away. First off, Ashley’s dress was OUTSTANDING.

But one of the things I LOVED about the show (apart from the amazing and creative designs) were the range of women represented on the runway. Right alongside the skinny, white, “traditional” fashion models were women of color, curvy women, women with disabilities, and it was just wonderful. My pictures unfortunately didn’t turn out great, so here are just a few examples of the women celebrated at the fashion show:

The entire theme of the night centered around following your dreams, and it was just impossible to leave that show feeling anything short of super empowered. Ashley Eckstein and the entire Her Universe/Hot Topic crew put on a great show highlighting the creative minds of fashion-inclined fans.

My Panel: 10 Points To Slytherin


When Wendy from Nerd for a Living reached out about sitting on a panel and talking about evil characters, I said yes without hesitation. Then I saw the names of the other panelists. Jane Espensen, Christine Boylan, Tomi Adeyemi, Erica Schultz, and Rebecca Zanetti?! These women were big-time authors, writers for some of my favorite shows and comics, and then…me. I was intimidated, to say the least.

However, though I had a couple of cringe-worthy moments (it remains to be seen if others felt my internal cringe), I had a blast. The crowd was great, and we panelists seemed to jive pretty much instantly.

Interviewing the Cast of Supernatural

supernatural cast

Though I wasn’t able to get a selfie with any of the guys (but I do have a few pics I snapped quickly from the roundtable), I did get to interview them for Nerdist. It was an incredibly surreal experience, but I got to show Jared my Always Keep Fighting tattoo and thank him for how he’s helped me and the fandom (his reaction was very sweet and gracious and it was only the fact that I was working that I was able to keep a lock on how verklempt I got over it). They were all incredibly sweet and kind, and beacuse it all happened so fast (without photographic evidence) it still doesn’t feel real. But getting to talk to the guys from the show that essentially started me down this road of entertainment reporting meant a lot more to me than I expected it would. I was and still am thankful to Nerdist for the opportunity to interview them.

Quick SDCC Advice Nuggets:

  • Travel with a friend. If you’re working, you’ll likely hardly see them, but it’s so nice to know that you’ve got a buddy out there in that sea of humans.
  • Bring healthy snacks. Fruit bars, jerky (or some kind of portable protein) is your best friend, especially if you’re held up in lines or the press room all day.
  • Bring a water bottle and drink LOTS of water. San Diego is hot, and though the convention center is air conditioned, it gets toasty with so many people packed into the same space.
  • The press room closes at 7. Roll with it. You’ll have to cover news from the floor at least once, but it’s no big deal. As long as you have some sort of a portable hot spot, you should be good to cover news from anywhere.
  •  Stretch Yourself. If you’re like me and have anxiety paired with intense introversion, the temptation will be there to never do anything apart from stay in your bubble. But try some new things. Give yourself the space you need to stay sane, but push yourself a little too. SDCC is such a unique experience, so you want to try as much as you can!
  • Getting a place closer to the venue is worth it. It’ll potentially be more expensive, but staying in a hotel/airbnb/whatever closer to the venue is worth the price. My Airbnb was quite far from the venue, and I ended up having two outfits that ripped (seriously–I have no idea what happened). It would have been SO nice to have been able to just run back to my hotel room and change, and to not have to drive very far to get home at night.
  • Speaking of Airbnb…It is a great alternative to a hotel. What’s more, you can usually book those pretty early, well before hotelpacolypse.
  • Don’t stress about seeing everything. There is SO MUCH to engage with both in the convention center and around it. Try to do as much as you can, but know you simply can’t see it all.
  • You’re gonna walk. A lot. Logging in 25-40 miles over the course of the con is pretty standard. Be ready for it, and dress accordingly.
  • You’re gonna be tired. It’s just gonna happen. You’re going to be walking around in the heat all day, and maybe attending parties at night, so you will likely not get loads of sleep. Do what you can to keep healthy (because con crud is a real thing), but just accept that you’ll just be tired.
  • Go with the flow! Be flexible and open to plans changing. While you can do your best to plan out which panels you want to attend, be open to something else catching your eye and taking you somehere new. There’s so much to experience at SDCC, so be open to some new discovery changing your plans!

A lot of people have asked if I plan to return to SDCC next year, and I think I will. It’s unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced and utterly exhausting, but it is undeniably wonderful and exciting.

Did you attend SDCC? What were some of your event highlights/random pieces of advice about attending? Tell me about it in the comments! 

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