How in the World Could Supernatural End Well?

Happy Supernatural Day, SPN Family! All week I'll be talking about the show, extending Supernatural Day into an entire week of saving people, hunting things, and the family business. If you aren't caught up on the show, be warned that there will be spoilers in this post, so read on at your own risk!  If … Continue reading How in the World Could Supernatural End Well?

Welcome to Supernatural Week and the Season 12 Teaser

On September 13, 2005, Supernatural first hit televisions. It's been over a decade since the pilot episode aired, and to celebrate the show's unusually long life the 13th has been officially deemed "Supernatural Day". Well, the thing is, I didn't feel like allowing one day for Supernatural appreciation was right. So here at Distracted Blogger, … Continue reading Welcome to Supernatural Week and the Season 12 Teaser

5 Things I Want In Season 11 of Supernatural

Supernatural is coming back into our lives TONIGHT, and I simply cannot wait. However, the last couple of seasons have presented us with a very unique set of challenges... Before I continue, let me just say that there will be some spoilers ahead. So if you're not fully caught up on Supernatural, read past the … Continue reading 5 Things I Want In Season 11 of Supernatural

Everyday Cosplay: Rowena

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with Supernatural, but lately I've also become obsessed with the newest cast member of the show, Ruth Connell, who plays the amazing Rowena, witch extraordinaire and Crowley's mother. Rowena is awesome, and even though she's a bit evil, I kind of love her. I'm fully obsessed with her attitude and her killer Scottish accent--seriously, … Continue reading Everyday Cosplay: Rowena

Supernatural’s 200th Episode “Fanfiction” Airs Tonight

Can you believe Supernatural has been around for 200 episodes? It's been about a decade of saving people and hunting things, and tonight the boys will embark on their most challenging issue yet: the musical (ish) episode. I'm not going to be able to watch "Fan Fiction" live because I've got ballet and Nutcracker rehearsal, … Continue reading Supernatural’s 200th Episode “Fanfiction” Airs Tonight

Supernatural Recap: Soul Survivor

Be sure to check out my recap of last week's episode, "Reichenbach", and as always, for those not caught up on Supernatural: spoiler alert. *** This week's episode of Supernatural had Jensen Ackles returning to his role as director, and he did an amazing job! Let's talk about the episode. Hannah and Cas At the start of the episode, Cas' … Continue reading Supernatural Recap: Soul Survivor